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    Default 2 More Days Until We Return to Paradise!! How is the water?

    Last time we were at CN/CSA was in January 2010. The weather was bad all week and the ocean was very rough. There were tons and tons of sea grass washing up on shore and it made the ocean unable to enjoy a swim. Can anyone that has been to CSA/CN recently, or that is there now, let me know what the water is like? I am hoping it is as calm and beautiful as it has been every other time except that one week in 2010!

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    Was at CN over Christmas & the water & weather were both absolutely PERFECT .... The ocean was a little cooler than it is during other times of the year but not "too cool" by any means .... There was nothing washing up on the beach as far as seaweed & the water was totally clear & calm with no sea grass to walk through .... We LOVE December there because less humidity making it seem cooler & very pleasant.

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