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    Default IPads on the Beach, or Not?

    Does anybody take their iPad on the beach for reading? We have a Nook we bought specifically for vacation/Couples time, and we have since gotten an iPad. We plan to bring it in 45 days to CTI (YIPEE!), but I was hoping for some opinions from you. Many thanks for your responses from Tom & Beverly

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    I took mine and it was ok, depending on the sunshine, but could be quite hard to read with the reflection. A kindle may be better for reading. I plan to take a big hat with me next time lol and hope that will help.

    We did use it for rainy days in the room so we could watch a movie etc.

    Hope that helps.

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    Sand, water, sunscreen--doesn't seem like a good mix for an IPad, but I don't have one. We have netbooks and didn't take them to the beach while at CTI. We did see lots of people with their Nooks and Kindles.

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    I read old school, paperbacks, as I like to hear the sound of the ocean when I'm at the beach.

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    The screens on the ipad really aren't good for outdoor use ..It's almost impossible to view the screen in the sun. I never even tried to use mine on the beach.(I "borrowed" my husband kindle for beach reading)lol But I did really love having my ipad for our room and verandah. Be sure to get a password from the front desk so you can hook up to the wireless network. It was nice not having to go to the computer room to check email etc..

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    My husband recently purchased a Toshiba tablet which he brought with him to CSA this past December for our 10 day R&R vacation. Not sure what the set up is at CTI but we had no problems with connections with WiFi or troubles reading under the palm trees! It was on the beach every day in it's case without any problems!
    Enjoy your trip!

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    The wife and I took our two e-readers. Hers is a B&N Nook which she had no problems reading on out on the Isle. Mine is a tablet (similar to an iPad, but Android powered,) which I could read fine on as well, but I did have to turn the brightness in the Nook App all the way up. We generally sat facing out to the ocean, so the sun was at our backs for the most part.

    Admittedly, we both had some concern about the sand, water, etc, but both devices came through OK. Just be reasonably cautious, and be willing to accept that they could get wet (splashed should be OK, drop it in the ocean all bets are off,) or get sand on / in them (if you drop it in the sand, blow the ports out ASAP when you pick it up) and you should be OK.

    We loved taking them, as it gave us both a wide selection to read from, without having to lug along a couple paperbacks each, and we're both avid readers.

    CTI first visit November 2011
    CTI return visit May 2013!

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    Agree with everyone else, use paperback or Kindle for beach, IPad for room/balcony.

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    I will be bringing mine to CSA in 26 days time, but its main use will be so I don't need to use Virgin's porr IFE! I doubt I will use it on the beach though.
    For info Aquapac do an Ipad waterproof / sand proof enclosure..their stuff is very good.

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    We took our IPads to CN in November but ended up never taking them to the beach. I need reading glasses and didn't feel like wearing them and my wife preferred to read on her smart phone. We just used them in the room a little but relied on the smart phones (connected to WiFi) for most items (e-mail, Skype)

    Hope this helps.

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    My wife has spent time reading her Kindle and her IPad at CN. We found the IPad more versatile for using the WiFi, but my wife says she can read much easier on her Kindle out in the sun. There are both so slim that we took both last time. I have the perfect solution for me below.... though yur milage may vary...

    Just as an alternative.... I have become addicted to Audio Books when on vacation. I load several books on my small MP3 Player and sometimes on my phone and listen to them on the beach. I can enjoy my book WHILE gazing at the beautiful water and other scenery. I can also close my eyes and still 'read' my book. It is the perfect solution to reading at the beach for me! I listen when mowing on my tractor, when driving for a long time to and from my daughter's soccer games. The narrator can be annoying sometimes, but more times than not the narrator adds to the experience in a good way.

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    We never had to get a password for internet connection at CTI. We had connections on the island, in our room and at the swim up bar.

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    We used ours to Skype with the family. The internet connection at CSA reached almost to the beach then would quit. It was so nice to have we were able to walk around part of the resort and show my parents how beautiful It is.

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    As a former personal electronics repair guy, all I can say is that it is wise to only take those devices you are willing to lose to an ocean side beach... of course only after you have backed up all of the data.

    Sand and salty water/air can corrode and scratch devices like nothing else. Sugary water from drinks can accelerate corrosion. Lotions and oils can short things out, too (a small short in the wrong place and you have an expensive paper weight). You would be pushing the envelope of luck and durability.

    You may end up fine, but I'd only take a device I have backed up and am willing to part with. I take my old $40 mp3 player with FM radio (Local stations have good music and some interesting news), and some magazines... usually fall asleep in one of the hammocks to the local reggae. .. not too shabby. The local commercials are interesting, too. If I lose it, drop it in the water, or someone rips it off... oh well, I'm not going to be too upset except that I no longer have a little device with me.

    Whatever you decide, back up all data before leaving on vacation, and set appropriate expectations. If you don't have any accident with your device, and all is fine, well bonus, just back up your data.... did I mention that you should back up your device? I felt the worst for people who came in with a hopeless repair on a blackberry that "Has my whole life in it" and no backup anywhere.

    90% of us will be fine, really. It is a just a roll of the dice and accidents are just that. so just know what you might be getting into and all will be fine. To prevent identity theft, make sure you have your personal data encrypted or password protected just in case someone likes your device a leeeetle too much. Just smart practices when traveling anywhere.

    I'd take the risk... with my eyes open.

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    Holy cow! Thanks everyone for all the wonderful input! I didn't think the backlighting would lend itself to outdoor sun reading. I'll definitely research the Aquapac thing. We plan to bring the Nook as well. Only 40 more get-ups. My suitcases are starting the happy dance!

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    Just back from CSA and was shocked at the number of E readers, etc. I guess I shouldn't have been as I had my Nook, lol, but it was sort of a funny scene....this amazing place and all these electronic devices. But did enjoy my Nook on the beach
    Good luck and have fun!

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    I take both my iPhone (where my music is loaded) and my iPad. Since i burn easily i usually sit in the shade on Tower Isle and read the iPad with no problem. During transport and when not in use i store the iPad and the iPhone in ziploc bags to keep ou moisture and sand, although it has never been an issue. I understand the kindle/nook is probably easier to read especially in bright sunlight but i love the versatility of my Apple products especially having WiFi in the rooms.

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    As a cheap/quick alternative to the aquapac, a quart ziplock baggie works really well. You do end up with a little glare on the nook (which is what I use) but the security that no sand, drink or rain will ruin it is worth it. I got that suggestion here on the forum when I wasn't able to purchase an "official" waterproof cover in time for our trip and it turned out so well that I never did get a real one.

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    My wife took her Nook to CTI last year, and enjoyed it.

    Of course, we had to make sure she either charged it up the night before, or we parked ourselves under a palm tree with an electrical outlet!

    (Me, I'm a Luddite and just brought paperbacks!)

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    I took my iPad to antigua last year... Readability depended on amount of shade and angle of the sun, but we actually played pass n play scrabble more as it was easy to see in the sun. Very happy to hear that CTI has free wifi, had to pay for it at Sandals antigua! We will be there jan 16 for a week, last visit was 5 yrs ago before the reno, so can't wait. Audio books is a great idea, i will download some to the iPad and hubbie's iPod which he prefers for the beach.

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    Thinking about bringing iPad with small speaker to listen to pandora either at poolside or in room. Wifi signal strong enough for pandora ???? Thanks ! Less than 30 days !
    Bill from ohio

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    For all the Nook users out there, make sure you purchase your books BEFORE you get to Jamaica. You can't purchase books from B&N internationally. Not sure if the same holds true for Kindle/Amazon.

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    Also, another cheap quick alternative is this's called a book, made out of paper. If you spill something on it, get sand on it, or lose big deal, you might be out a few bucks.

    Since the island vibe is "no worries" I wouldn't want to bring any on by having to babysit an electronic device.

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    Yes you can purchase books, magazines or newpapers internationally with a Kindle. My husband gets his UK newspapers 'delivered' to his Kindle every day when we are in CTI and I have downloaded books while there.

    Mad about tennis

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    Last year I took my Kindle. Loved it! Easy to read, and I could download books right at the beach.

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