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    Default Our Beautiful Wedding - Part 4!

    It was soon time to get ready again though, so still a little tipsy we got our evening photo clothes on and went to the lobby. Some of these pics are my favourite, so natural and “us”!

    Again we made our way round some different parts of the hotel grounds, ending up at the Au Naturel beach – which you could go to with clothes on after 5 to see the sunset. We had some great fun photos here, ending up soaking and covered in sand – again totally worth it though.

    We headed back to the lobby thanking the photographer, and then dashing to get washed and changed for the Jamaican beach party held every Tuesday night. We got ready in a flash and headed down, finding a couple we had previously made friends with, enjoying an evening of steel band music and lots of food and drink – a perfect end to a perfect day.

    If you'd like to see more photos our slideshow is:

    Thanks for reading, and any questions feel free to ask!

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    Beautiful photos Kate and Martin! We planning on Sept 2010 at Tower Island and will now have to check out Stacey Clarke's website. Your photos are awesome!

    Jen & Ian

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    Default wow

    Those were awesome. That's about all I can say! And congratulations.

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    Thank you for the review. I love reading these. My CSS wedding just a couple months away!

    Congratulations to you and Martin, your wedding day looks like it was amazing.

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    Awesome pics Congratulations!

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    Beautiful pictures!

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    I LOVED the slide show..the pics are all beautiful, it brought tears to my eyes I cannot wait to go to CTI, we are getting married there at the end of April, have not planned the spot yet, but after looking at yours I think it will be the Tower. Did you get married out on the island? Or on the beach? This will be our first trip to Jamaica..can't wait.
    Just beautiful!

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    What great pictures....definately breathtaking!!! Awesome photographer!

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