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    Default Confused!!! What resort to book~

    Well, we actually have CTI booked 06/20/2010-06/27/2010, but now, I'm starting to wonder if we made the right choice. I'm thinking I want to change to CSA. Pictures I have seen look much prettier, and I like there wedding set up on the beach vs CTI. I'm confused between CTI, COUPLES NEGRIL and CSA. Any advice would be appreciated.

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    Hi Kaw,
    I can't really help you with any info on CTI or CN , but i can tell you i've been to CSA and i absolutely loved it. Its beautiful there. The weddings on the beach were so beautiful, romantic and intimate. I'm sure all the resorts are fantastic (as i've read on the Main MB). Any where you go, couples will make sure its the best day possible. I wouldn't stress too much. You could always split your vacation up, half csa and half cti. Up to you. Good luck!

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    if you are getting married in jamaica i would recommend couples swept away. it is an adult crowd, romantic, super quiet (if you want it to be), and as a grandma i can say one of the nicer qualities to CSA is NO KIDS

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    Stick with your first choice. All of the resorts are so great, you could second guess yourself forever. We have been to all four of the resorts, and for what it's worth, CTI and CSA are our favorites.
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