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    My husband and I got married at CTI in November 2011 and spent our honeymoon there as well. We had a phenomenal time and both said when we left that we would love to go back (for longer!) and to visit all the other Couples Resorts too. From time to time over the past year I have surfed the Couples website looking at photos, reading the message board, looking at all the different resorts and hoping we could get back soon. However, I knew having the money to go back would be a stretch.

    This month my husband had emergency surgery to remove a large amount of fluid that had built up in the sac around his heart due to a virus. The surgeon told us that had we waited another half a day to come in that he wouldn't have made it. He is now home and slowly on his way to a 100% recovery. Needless to say this event has given both of us a new perspective on life and what is important. Having him home at Christmas was the best present ever.

    Today I opened up a savings account to being savings for our return trip to Couples. When we have enough we will decide which resort we want to visit. It's funny, how just having $200 set aside to come back makes me feel a little lighter and a lot happier.

    Tell the people you love that you love them. Say it often. Mean it. Prove it.

    (CTI 2011)

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    I'm so happy your husband made it through such a scary surgery and was home for Christmas. Your advice at the end was beautiful and gave me chills. Thank you for sharing, and I hope you can make it back to Couples soon!

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    Ummm, I was at CTI in 2010 - not 2011 as I signed my post. Apparently I wish less time had passed since I was there.

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    The BEST reason for a vacation!

    LIFE is good

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    When we decided we wanted to celebrate our 25th anniversary in a special way we started putting $25 a month aside 4 years early. We were able to increase that after a couple of years so that by our 25th we had enough saved to go to CTI for 8 nights. We will probably never be able to go once a year like some folks do, but we keep putting money back each pay check for hopefully an every 4 year trip. It is amazing how just putting back a little will add up, not fast enough, but better than not at all.

    You are so correct, life is precious and our loved ones are too. We should never take either one for granted.

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    You are soooo very right Kelly. Life is short and you just never know what can happen. We lost my husband's best friend of 30 years from a heart arythmia in June and he was only 48! CSS just won't be the same without him and his wife this year. I'm so glad to hear your husband is doing well!!!
    Couple of suggestions for helping get that trip on the books is to plan as early as you can. We booked our return to CSS last June and are going in April. (There are almost always deals that run till the end of June for the next year) By doing that we got a great rate and you can do the "Love Away" program. We had to pay a deposit less than $300 and then have $100 charged to our cc every month to help pay it down. The final payment is due in March. I hope this helps and you make it "home" again soon.
    P.S. CSS is amazing and where my husband and I got married in 2010. CN is awesome too and where we're going back to next year.

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