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    We are heading to Couples Negril in 18 days! We have 3 couples going, and some of them are kind of concerned about night life...Does anyone know if there is much for nightlife?

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    It depends on what group of people is there during your stay, this year there was alot of people our age so the disco was crowded every night it was open, the bartenders are great the staff is definately entertaining never leaving the floor. Do not miss the steel band that plays, they are the best entertainment i have ever seen in Jamaica!!!!

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    When you refer to 'the disco' do you mean the room where the Piano Bar and Karioke (sp?) takes place? Or is there an actual 'disco' that we have never noticed?

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    disco = piano bar.
    Night life = not a load going on, but you make your own fun. There's usually music - cabaret or steel band and when you have that, friends and a bar, good times are usually had by all! But I think they'll stuggle to find a rave until 4am...

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