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    Default What kind of champagne is served at CSA

    My wife was a big fan and I didn't pay close enough attention. Would like to get her some of the same.

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    Actually its not champagne but a French sparkling wine called Kremer or Kramer - like you I didnt pay too much attention, I just drank it!

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    I am looking at it right now.

    Kraemer Blanc de Blacns Brut. Made in France.

    We loved it.

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    ok, what is the difference anyway between champagne and sparkling wine like moscato?

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    you rock. Thanks!

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    Zarafory -champagne can only be made in the champagne region of France and from grapes grown within that region. Sparkling wine from anywhere else in the world is not champagne and if the word "champagne" were to be printed on the bottle then the champagne growers in France whould sue.

    So the "champagne" served at Couples is not actually champagne, but it is none the worse for that.

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    A sparkling wine may only be called Champagne if it comes from the Champagne region in France. This is strictly protected by French law.
    Champagne is superior in taste to sparkling wine and much more expensive.

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    Champagne can only be called as such if it is made in the Champagne region of France. Anything else is required to be called "sparkling wine."

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    champagne is sparkling white wine, but from the region of champagne. in france, wine isn't labeled by the grapes, but by the region.

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    I heard no cruises dock on sunday! So we went then and it was not too bad... Of course it was the only time I have ever been so I have no basis for comparison. We had a blast!

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    Quote Originally Posted by zaraforty View Post
    ok, what is the difference anyway between champagne and sparkling wine like moscato?
    Only sparking wine produced in the Champagne region of France can legally be called Champagne. Everything else is "sparkling wine."
    That being said, the Brut, Dry, Semi-Dry, etc refer to the amount of residual sugar in the wine.
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    Best thing I remember about the champagne, sparkling wine, or whatever you'd like to call it was that the glass never went empty!

    It was very tasty though too!

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    HI ! I'm fairly certain ( not positive) that the difference is : only grapes grown in the "Champagne region" of France that are used in the production of sparkeling wine produced in that region, are entitled to use the term "Champagne". So even though you may have grapes grown in France, if they're not from that specific region, they can not call it "champagne". But the sparkling wine served at CSA is delicious & just FINE with us & I AM positive about that! ! We enjoy it morning, noon & night!

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