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    Default Is Chef Misja back at CN???

    Saw this video, and was just wondering if he's back..Misja is an awesome chef
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    Hi LisaPat,

    No, Misja is not back. Must have been an older video. Chef Andre is doing an amazing job at CN. As much as I liked Misja, Andre has taken the food to another level. The only problem seems to be the ongoing problem at the Beach Grill. They just can't seem to get the orders correct and out in a timely manner. The lines in December where horrific, and Andre actually had to come and straighten them out. This carried over to Heliconia at night. The worst food we had in 11 days was at Heliconia, and the waitstaff seemed totally overwhelmed most of the time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LisaPat View Post
    Is Chef Misja back at CN???
    Don't think so. Believe he left CN in Jan. of 2011, if not earlier.
    He was definitely NOT there in Sept. 2011, so despite the video showing an upload date of May 2011, he had already left CN by that time.

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    Default misja

    we can only hope!sure missed him in april this year.

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