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    Default Let the haters hate........

    5 more days and my wife and I will be at CN for our first time.

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    What a way to spend New Years! Have fun

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    Wife and I will be first timers at CN in 60 days. Enjoy!!

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    Lucky dog you Rmorfin78!!!! Have a great time!!! We have still yet to get to any of the Couples so of course we are jealous as all get out!!! LOL

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    Lucky you, we have 50 days till CN for the 4th time. Say hello to Paul Tucker the piano bar piano player for us. We love to sit and sing with him. Tell him it is the couple with the wife who sings Sound Of Music songs and they sing a Duet to All you have to do is Dream. He probably will not remember. LOL

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    You lucky dogs!

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    That's too funny wife loves just about every musical there is and Sound of Music is her favorite. I can't stand them myself, but that's just me. We're so very different it isn't even funny. But that is what makes us stick. we come!

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    Default will love CN and I am guessing that this will be your first trip of many. We have 39 days until our 4th visit "home". have truly found a slice of paradise.

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    56 days for us!!! Our third trip to couples(CSA, CTI)... first to CN....

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    Please post after your stay. We go to CSA and have been thinking about doing a day at Couples Negril...problem is we cannot get ourselves off the beach lounge chairs at CSA. I am already sooooooooooo excited at CSA in March. Wish I would win the lottery and could stay there forever- no really...watching the prep activity in the am. I think I am the only person that gets up earlier on vaca in Negril than any other time- really the best part of the day.

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