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    Has anyone had any luck with booking through any of the "discount" travel sights? The first time we went to Couples we did everything through the Couples website. Just looking to save a few dollars. Or does Couples have any "wont be undersold" offers?

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    Best Deal Guarantee PolicyIf you find a better deal after you make your reservation, we will match it so that the deal you get is the always the best available. Taken from the Couples Website. We have even booked a Wednesday special through a travel agent in Canada. The difference for us is the cancellation policy. Couples has a 45 day cancellation policy, and the company we book through has a seven day policy. For us its a bit more peace of mind, because we have some older adult parents to worry about.

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    Generally speaking the best deal on accommodations is obtained through the Couples web site, however you should compare the prices before booking. The travel sites should be applying the current specials, however I have found that some do not offer the full range of room categories. Look closely at what you are comparing. The biggest difference will likely be on booking air. I think the Couples booking engine only uses a short list of airlines and the pricing at other travel sites, or even directly with the airlines, may be better.

    Our first couple of trips to Couples we used a local travel agent for all the arrangements, we used an on-line service one year, and the other years we have booked the trip ourselves through the Couples site and directly with airline web sites. Things went equally smooth for all.

    Check things out by comparing for yourselves and take the deal that you are comfortable with.

    Have a great trip!

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    Why don't you start off with a good travel consultant in your area?

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    Consider a local travel agent. I generally spend hours and hours for months ahead of time looking at all the prices online just because I enjoy the anticipation. When it comes time to actually book the trip I always use a local travel agent and she always gets me a price that matches or is less than anything I've found online. The advantage of the travel agent is you have someone helping you with any glitches prior to the trip and while traveling you have someone you can contact with questions should problems arise.

    Once the airline changed my flights so there was a four minute connection in Atlanta. My travel agent contacted me with the info...which I may not have even noticed or at least not until close to the trip when finding new flights would have been virtually impossible. She also had several options already lined up, all I had to do was choose one. The option I choose booked us out of an airport in a different city so she cancelled the flight and hotel for the night prior, rebooked flights and hotel and made sure trip insurance was all in order as well. All I did was breathe a sigh of relief and go back to work.

    Contrary to popular understanding travel agents do not charge a fee so it won't cost you extra to use one. Call around and talk to a few so you find one you enjoy working with and who clearly has a passion for his/her job. It's paid off for me more than once and you'll still get that great deal on the price of the trip.

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    Default Found one...

    So, I just found a better deal online than the deal we received when booking. What is the process to have the price matched and has anyone ever done this before??


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    I tried posting earlier...I did find a better rate than what I booked do I go about having Couples match this rate? anyone done it before??

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    Quote Originally Posted by bridesfantasy View Post
    I tried posting earlier...I did find a better rate than what I booked do I go about having Couples match this rate? anyone done it before??
    Either call the 800 # or email them with a copy of the online quote and your reservation #. They should take care of it right away.
    From my personal experience, they may say that they don't price match (if you get a new person or something.) and just say "Randymon on the MB said...." although I would think by now, they are all trained on the price match procedure.
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    I would scour this message board because I'm pretty sure I saw Randymon tell someone recently that they would match any lower prices when someone asked about booking through someone else.

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    I did the scouring for you. Try this link:

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    Take a close look at what you are trying to "price match". If you purchased a package deal, flight/room, and are comparing it to another package the difference could be in the price of the airfare. If that is the case you will not get a price match. The price match only applies to the resort/room pricing. Just something to keep in mind.

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    I was indeed able to get the better price matched. I called the 800 number and they had me email them the link to the better deal. Once it was confirmed my reservation was updated with the new total. Very painless. Thanks for everyone's suggestions and help!
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