As I made my way to the Gazebo M had a huge grin on his face which made me even more giggly. I made my way up the steps and had to give him a kiss as he looked so yummy. The ceremony was lovely, short and sweet. Had a couple of laughs when the minister couldn’t get the rings out of the box and I had to help him, and when we got some words wrong, it all added to the joy of the moment though. I had worried I would be too emotional, but I just felt so happy it wasn’t an issue!

After the ceremony we went down to a little table set up for signing the register. I had another giggle at being called a spinster! The minister actually gave me the pen we had used to sign with, it said “Happy Teachers Day” and he had noticed my profession and thought I might like it. Apparently his wife is a teacher and he just happened to pick up that pen that morning – a nice touch I thought!

We then went and had our first dance in the gazebo to Aretha Franklin You’re all I need to get by, I love a bit of soul and we could do both slow dancing and a bit of grooving to it! Whilst dancing a boat passed by below with lots of hotel guests on – they all gave us a cheer and applause!

We then went to have our little reception. A table as set up with the cake and champagne and decorated with flowers. We had a champagne toast (which we drank very quickly as neither of us had had much chance to get a drink that morning!) We also cut the cake and fed each other some, it was Jamaican fruit cake, lovely – we soon polished off our pieces.

Stacey left us alone for a while and we had a little chat, M saying I looked beautiful and admiring my dress etc. After more champagne we went of to start the photos. We went all over the resort for the next couple of hours as I wanted lots of different locations. It was hot but really worth it as I hope the photos show...more to follow!