A few pics we had around the resort...

We finished off the morning with a couple of cocktails at the beach bar, everyone congratulating us as we sat there in our wedding clothes!

We arranged to meet Stacey later for our sunset photos then went back to the room. We just had time to get out of wedding clothes and into bikini and cover up before heading down to the beach and going on our champagne cruise on a speedboat. We didn’t have time for lunch so took some popcorn from the beach grill with us. The guys who took us were a lot of fun, pointing out all the sights on the way round the bay of Ocho Rios and topping up our champagne as we went (mine had cherries in, another nice touch!) We were rather tipsy by this point, and it was quite tricky keeping the champagne in the glasses on the bumpy ride, so had to drink it quick! As we made our way back we were going so fast my hair was finally coming out so I decide to get all the pins out – there were hundreds! Back on dry land we went back to the room, after all the champagne and cocktails I needed a lie down!

One more installment to go....!