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    Default dinner reservations

    Second time visiting, but have one question. Do we make our dinner reservations when we get there? Must have had a great time last time, don'r remember making them. Can anyone answer this?
    Happy girl!

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    You cannot make dinner reservations until you arrive at the resort. Others have posted that there are exceptions to this rule (e.g., you are planning a special occasion dinner), but for the most part it holds true. You can also reserve a beach dinner prior to arrival, but that is extra money.

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    It is really up to you, the resort and how busy it is. If there is a restaurant you definitely want to get into on a particular night, for us 8 Rivers, Friday Night for Lobster, then make your reservations when you arrive. If it doesn't matter, then wait and see what floats your boat.

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    Yes, when you get to the resort you make your reservations for the fancy restaurant. Of course I am remembering that through a Bob Marley Haze.

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