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    I'm sure this has been covered at some point but I thought I would ask anyways. My wife and I will be traveling in to CN in March and wanted to see how likely it was that the hotel would accept our request to not be in building 9. I have no issue with people wanting to enjoy the A/N accommodations, but I have a suspicion that my wife would not enjoy our balcony overlooking this portion of the beach. We don't want to come off as demanding guests by making the request to not be in the building, but at the same time we want to enjoy our trip as much as possible!


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    All you can do is ask when you check in. Couples will do what they can to accommodate your wishes. We were at CTI last year and they put us in a very nice room with an incredible view (all the views are great, but this was incredible). Anyway, it was on the first floor of the main building. After the first night of not sleeping, I went to guest services and they moved us to another room. I hate doing that as the bellmen work so hard, but I really am a person who needs their sleep and I am a light sleeper. I heard everyone who went down the hall.

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    All you can do is ask when you arrive. I'm sure they will try to accomadate you.

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    It may be a non-issue. What category room did you book? Building 9 houses beachfront rooms and suites.

    The staff will comply with room requests if they can. If you booked a beachfront suite and the only beachfront suites that are available upon your arrival are the beachfront suites on the 2nd and 3rd floors of Building 9, they're not going to ask another couple to vacate their room to accommodate your request.

    While it may be possible to move you the next day or two as others leave and different rooms become available, you might not have the view of your choice for the first few days.
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