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    Default Returned from CN Dec. 16th - few things

    We spent 13 days at Couples Negril and had a wonderful trip. Staff were very pleasant and helpful. Weather was out of this world. We travelled the same timeframe last year to Couples Sans Souci and the weather was awful. Not this year

    We took advantage of the Trading Places and spent a day at Couples Swept Away. We preferred Couples Negril - can't really say why, we just did. I am a Caeser drinker and never had any problem getting my caesers, made to perfection, anywhere at Couples Negril, yet when we spent the day at Couples Swept Away, not one bar had clamato juice and I was told by the bartenders you could only get it in your room (didn't do me much good given I didn't even have a room there). I found that really strange, and really not very helpful. I am not a big drinker but that is the only drink I ever drink, so may sound silly, but because of that we would never go to Couples Swept Away. I didn't find that to be very accommodating. I was offered a Bloody Mary - but that is not the same drink - not even close.

    We thoroughly enjoyed our meals at Negril. The service and the atmosphere were outstanding at Otaheite - the food was delish and the service couldn't have been better. Same with at Lychee - yummy and the service was great. In fact, all restaurants were, in our opinion, wonderful.

    A few people have commented how they have to keep asking for refills of coffee - I don't know how that can happen. At breakfast, the wait staff always made sure you were well taken care of.

    Also loved the idea of the hand sanitizer at the buffet line and in the computer room. However, I didn't see a lot of people using it (I work in a hospital - and know the importance of clean hands. )Which brings me to a picky little thing - but.....the washroom doors are backwards Example: they should pull to get in to the main part of the washroom and push to get out - you wash your hands on the way out and it would be better to not have to touch the communal door handle on the way out. Yes, I am picky - again, comes from working in a hospital setting.

    LOVED LOVED LOVED the $500 room credit we got as incentive for booking early. The aromatherapy body massages my husband and I had were heavenly. Wow. We just loved them.

    I have to say I saw some very rude behaviour around the pool. It was 2 separate couples each week, but they would "reserve" their special spot around the pool under an umbrella before 7:00 a.m. (I knew that as that was the time I usually headed down to read my book and enjoy a coffee). That would be fine if they used that spot during the day, but to take the "prime" spot and be one hour at the most at these loungers all day? Totally rude. I didn't want this spot, as I am a sunbaby but I thought it was such rude behaviour and really can't understand WHY someone would even do this?

    The RUDEST stunt I have ever seen in my life was one morning it was spitting off and on rain and this couple left their belongings on their loungers under their umbrella by the pool. They weren't gone any more than 20 minutes and in that time another couple boldy arrived - put the other couples' belongings at a lounger behind them IN THE RAIN and took their spot. I couldn't believe it. The original couple came back - I didn't catch every thing the "lady" said to them but just caught "yackity yack, yackity, yack, you weren't here". Wow. Awful.

    We splurged on AirLink on the way to the resort - thoroughly enjoyed that and recommend it - the whole trip took 12 minutes!

    We loved our room. Building 7 - Room 7303 - nice view. Yes, the night show was loud, but even though we are early to bed, we were never bothered because it is over early.

    The beach is absolutely beautiful and so nice to go for a nice walk down every morning. We had a glorious time - service was beautiful, but if I had to choose..................................

    We did prefer Couples Sans Souci (food was somewhat better and the desserts were a lot better there) - we will try Couples Sans Souci again in a few years.

    Couples Resorts are a wonderful experience - one we will do again.

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    I know what you are talking about with people being rude. Last January we were at CTI. It had just rained and we headed to the hot tub. I set our towels and beach bag on a lounger right by the hot tub. A group was next to it and a lady got up a put my stuff on the wet ground as I watched her. I jumped out and moved it to the other side but come on. She was right there she could of asked me to move it or set it on another lounger herself. Good thing I hadn't had any cocktails yet or I might have said something out loud. Instead I just muttered "how rude" as I walked away. This is the biggest of my complaints so needless to say we had a wonderful time.

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    great review, thanks so much!

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    Default Good Review

    Thanks for the well written review. We are making our fourth trip to Couples in April 2012. Our first trip was to Swept Away. We loved the beach & the island ambiance. The following year, we dared to venture to another Couples resort, Sans Souci. The rest is history! We fell in love with Sans Souci. The staff, property, food, drinks, etc.....were beyond our expectations. I would love to go back to the Negril side (Swept Away or Negril), but my hubby feels, why risk the chance of being disappointed. Personally, I don't think I would be disappointed at any Couples property. Couples is first class! We will have to see what the future holds for 2013 :-)

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    Thanks for the great review and sounds like you had a awesome time there!! I am the same about germs and keeping my hands clean and I'm NOT in the medical field but believe its important to keep the germs away so glad to hear that they have the hand sanitizer in places!! Cant wait to get to Couples for our first time!!!!

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    Great review of CN! Funny, we were at CSA over Thanksgiving and couldn't get ourselves in gear to do the Trading Spaces to CN because we figured we had already found perfection! :-) Different strokes....

    And I think the reserving a spot thing happens all over. We had a couple take our (clean) towels and our loungers and throw our stuff on the ground....This and I had just left the loungers to run to our room for 10n minutes to grab a higher sunscreen....The couple seemed to have no problem at all with having moved/taken our stuff...some people are just too self absorbed to realize they're being perceived as giant tools....Oh well -at least I'm not them....

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    Thanks for your terrific review!

    It is really unfortunate to read about the rude people on the beach who will just move and drop someone's belongings on the sand, or into the rain as I had read on another review. We've been to CN and CSA and we have never had a problem finding a lounger anywhere, anytime of the day. Why do this? To move someone's towels and belongings off a lounger is really rude. We often will go for a walk down the beach after lounging for awhile, and we certainly wouldn't take our towels/beach bag up to the room before going for a walk or going for lunch/a drink/snacks.

    If anyone on this message board would have done this in the past, I hope they would realize that handling and moving someone else's property isn't acceptable. We often keep our sunglasses and eReaders in the beach bag too, so if someone just haphazardly dropped the bag into the sand or rain, it would be really upsetting.

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    We also had our belongings moved from our chairs at CSA this past November. This was the first time in many many trips to CSA that we have ever seen this type of rudeness. We had left on a early morning walk, probably only gone 30 min, when we saw our belongings moved and someone else in our chairs. His defense was that he had his towels there first. We knew this wasn't true, and several other guest told us that they saw him pitch our things. We moved a couple of chairs over and decided to not let it ruin the rest of our trip. A little later we noticed an unusual herbal smell coming from their direction, I guess he has never watched locked up abroad.

    A little later the same day I witnessed the ultimate rudeness. I was sitting on my lounger, reading my book. It was about 10 min before the bar was due to open. This gentleman ( I use this term very loosely) sat at the bar and told the bartender that he'd have a jack and coke with a lime twist. The girl behind the bar told him 5 min. This goof pointed to his wristwatch, and told her "you see this Rolex, this $12,000 Rolex wants a jack and coke". Again the young lady said 5 min. It was all I could do to not lol !!! I was extremly impressed with how the young lady behind the bar handled him, good for her!!

    Later I noticed that Mr Rolex, was friends with the couple that took our chairs, that figured. What is wrong with some people????? We plan on returning many more times to Couples, we just hope to not run into them again.

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    Wow, and I thought that the couples I saw stealing those loungers was not a common practice. I can't believe that it has happened other times to folks. I would never dream of doing such a thing. That story about Mr. Rolex made me laugh right out loud - ha!

    We are looking forward to trying Sans Souci again - the weather when we were there was a freak, I know, so it will be so nice to vacation there with the sun shining

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