So another year has come and gone. For some, it was a terrible year. Filled with sorrow, grief, let downs, and any number of broken dreams. Some things, such as an unfortunate death of friends or family, weather related problems, and so many other things that are way beyond our control, can make us sad or angry or depressed. It is often that much harder to cope with these situations. Nonetheless, we must find inner strength and courage to try to carry on. With the help of friends or family members or therapy, the dim light in the distance can continually become brighter and aids to renew our faith in humanity. Our lives can and will go on in spite of any and all difficulties.

On the flip side of that are the events that thrill us, please us, inspire us and add so much pleasure to our lives. These happenings are certainly much easier to accept. They help to restore our belief that life is good. We share them with friends and family. We treasure these happy fun filled times. These great moments can help to balance our sorrows.
In both cases, it is how we deal with everything that comes along each day, week and year. Life, at best, is fragile. There are no hard and fast rules. No one place that is better or worse. Each and every day, it is up to every person to solve what is in front of them.

I truly believe that there is no one single reality. There is only the perception that each of us possess. A nightmare may seem terribly real, until we wake up and see it from another perspective. What is real and true for one person, may not be the same for others.

Each new year begins clean and unobstructed. It is up to each and every single person to figure out where and how they will live the coming months.
I believe that all of us have the insight to solve whatever comes along. It's just a matter of figuring out what will work best. Do we see the glass as half full or half empty?. Do you really think that the grass is any greener some where else?
For all of us, I wish that with each new difficulty or each new fantastic piece of happiness, we look first, inside of our selves for answers. The mind is truly our best weapon. How we use it will determine the eventual outcome.

Make the best of this new unobstructed path that lies before all of us. Make the new year the time for new ways of thinking, feeling and dealing with what winds up on our plate.