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    Default Slew of recent negative reviews....

    What's going on? Seems to be a bunch of recent issues on tripadvisor..

    Going In a few weeks I hope these issues are fixed!

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    I agree...has got me a little worried....anyone care to comment?

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    what resort?

    it's all about the kids

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    which resort are you going to?

    we just returned from cti and had a fabulous time. It surpassed all expectations.

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    Specifics? Which resort? What happened?

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    Don't believe everything you read on TA. I think alot of the negative stuff is crap, I'm just saying....

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    If you want to go by reviews on TA, go by the 99% positive on every Couples resort. There are always the impossible to please who will find a negative anywhere they go. I feel sad for people like that.
    I think we may have had an issue or two in all our trips to 3 of 4 Couples resorts that we have been to over the years but the funny thing is, I can't remember them. Every trip we took to Couples has wonderful memories which erased those issues.
    "When you go, you'll know".....and then you can return and write your own review which, I'm sure, will be a good one.

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    I believe it is getting close to the time of year for votes for best resorts in the Caribbean so negative reviews are being falsely put on TA. I put no faith in those.

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