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    We got married at CTI this last October and had a wonderful time! I love all the day activities, but there was a lack of night life. We are going to be booking our next Couples trip for this October and wanted to get feed back on the night life of CN and CSA. I would appreciate it

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    Nightly entertainment at Palms, with live band and dancing most nights. Late nite music and dancing at Aura lounge. The Aura is sometimes pretty quiet, other nights it is hopping till the wee hours. Depends on who is there and what mood they are in. We have had nights out at CSA till 2 or 3 in the morning, though most nights it gets quiet by midnight or not long after.

    Just my 2 cents on CSA.

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    CTI can be give or take as far as night life as it really depends on the guests at the resort at that time. In Negril you are closer to off resort nightlife. After a day in the sun we don't make it to many of the night time activities. This last visit, our 5th, we finally made it to casino night.

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