We got married on the 4th August at CSS and it was the most perfect day I could have imagined! The whole 2 weeks were just amazing. I spent a lot of time reading other people's wedding reports and looking at their photos - so thought I should reciprocate! Here is a report of the wedding with pics:

We got engaged 2 years ago and started making plans around 6 months later. We soon decided to get married abroad as I really wanted it to be just the 2 of us in a beautiful location without any of the hassle of a big wedding! When looking though a “wedding abroad” brochure we noticed a picture of a gazebo on a cliff over the sea and fell in love with it! After looking into the hotel we were hooked!

A year of planning later and I couldn’t believe how the time had flown, it was time to go! My dress was rolled up and packed in my little hand luggage bag along with my jewelery and accessories, and M’s suit was packed along with millions of holiday clothes! After a long 9 hour flight (from the UK) we were there. We arrived around 4pm Jamaica time and as soon as we got off the plane the humidity hit us! We were soon at the hotel and given champagne and a cold towel on check-in. When shown to our room the excitement hit us – even in the dark the balcony was huge and our view amazing! The whole place was amazing and I would recommend it to anyone.

A few very relaxing days later we met the wedding co-ordinator and made the few decisions that needing making – it was so stress-free and simple. The day before the wedding we had our free couples massage and later I had my nails done and then we had a lovely romantic dinner on the beach.

The morning of the wedding we woke early and had room service breakfast on the balcony. I then started putting makeup on; I had decided to do it myself as I know what suits me and I wanted to look like myself on the day – but the best version possible! I had spent a long time finding good make-up for a decent price on ebay that I hoped wouldn’t melt in the heat! I was nearly finished when it was time for my hair appointment at 8:30. I got dressed - remembering to put strapless bra on so no marks later, as well as stretchy strappy top to get over my big hair when done! I said goodbye to M, with an excited cuddle as next time I saw him would be at the gazebo. I took my pictures of the hairstyle I wanted along with my veil. The stylist was excellent and copied my pictures perfectly, making my hair stay in place in a way that I never thought possible as my hair is very thick and long! She joked saying my hair would do as it was told today and where she pinned it would stay in place – and it did! It took around 1 and ½ hours, during which I was extremely relaxed as I was the only one there, could see the ocean out the window and she had soothing music playing. I was so pleased when she showed me my hair! Then had to wait a few minutes as co-ordinator was bringing loose flowers for my hair. Meanwhile Judith put my veil in beautifully – again it didn’t budge at all. The co-ordinator arrived along with my photographer Stacey. We had decided to hire an “outside” photographer not the ones on the resort as photos were very important to us, not wanting a series of posed shots but more informal pictures as well as some beautiful pictures that would show off the resort – and us! I am SO glad we had Stacey, she was lovely to work with and the photos are just amazing, exactly what we wanted.
Anyway, I began to get a bit nervous now – mainly because she started snapping straight away! When all the flowers were in we headed back to the room, lots of people complementing me as we went.

In the room we had a chat and Stacey took some pics of the dress and some mementos we had. M had left me a present, a seashell photo album which he had got from the shop. We had said we weren’t giving each other presents but I had given him some cufflinks with his initials on and a personalised card, as he often gets me little presents and I wanted to give him something nice. He had obviously wanted to reciprocate! I also found lots of little notes saying he loved me, left in my bag, make up, shoes etc. Was a lovely touch, he’d obviously found a way to occupy himself whilst I had my hair done! He’s also left a note saying he’s booked a champagne cruise for 3pm!

I then got into my dress, which proved quite difficult! Had always managed fine when trying it on before but with the added complication of veil and big hair I struggled! Managed eventually though, and then the co-ordinator arrived and helped strap me in! I managed to remember jewelery and perfume before it was time to go! We made our way to the gazebo, and when near I heard our cd playing. We had chosen 5 songs for through the ceremony and signing register etc, than had filled the cd with others of our favourite songs – we didn’t think they would get played, I just thought it was a waste not to fill the cd! Apparently it had been playing for a while though, to set the mood, so as I reached the top of the steps which led down to the gazebo I heard Take That Greatest Day, which was perfect! I had to wait a couple of minutes as the minister had apparently popped to get a drink. I saw him walk past the bottom of the stairs and give me a wave which made me laugh! I soon heard the opening bars of All You need Is Love, my cue to start walking down the steps – which I did very carefully as one of my only fears was falling down the stairs in a typically clumsy manner! I managed it though, trying to look graceful as Stacey took pictures throughout. As I neared the bottom the music and surroundings got the better of me, and I felt quite emotional. Then almost immediately I started laughing – the whole situation just felt so surreal in a way, after all the planning etc, I was there and it was finally time, I was so happy! So M’s first sight of me I was laughing my head off!

To Be Continued!