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    Default Our Wedding at CN 5/26/09

    Here is our slideshow from our wedding at CN on 5/26! It was just the two of us and Stacey Clarke was our photographer. I cannot express enough how much we enjoyed Stacey! She was super sweet and very professional. We chose 11 am because I like the color of the water at that time. It did rain a little bit right after our ceremony, but not a lot. Congratulations to all of those getting married!
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    Congratulations! If you had gotten married in March I would have had a front row seat from my patio! My fiance and I are going back to couples (CSA this time) to get married. Can u give me some info on the photographer? and would you mind telling me the pricing. The resort photographer seems pricey for what you get. I'd appriciate any input, thanks!

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    Stacey Clarke was our photographer. As far as pricing goes, I booked her a year ago before the vendor fee was increased. I am afraid I would give you the incorrect pricing. She is a great photographer and does a lot of candid shots and not just posey pictures. Send me an email at

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    Your pictures are gorgeous! Is your bouquet the standard bouquet or the upgrade? Congratulations!

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    Thank you! My bouquet was actually a silk bouquet from Angel's Accents. I am so glad I went with the silk bouquet so I can have it in a vase forever! I was very impressed with the quality of flowers Angel produces, everyone thought my bouquet looked real. The only thing is, you have to book your order like six months in advance or she books up.

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    I am also planninng a wedding at CN 7/15/10, and was thinking about stacey clarke!!! how many hours did you book? I think i want to the the 3hr pkg but am afraid it won't be enough time! but i love your pictures! they're amazing

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    Hey I was seriously condsidering booking Stacey Clarke, and want to even more now after watch that!!! How many hours did you book with her? I love the amt of pics you have, and would love to have something similar

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    We are getting married at CSS in November and are considering purchasing the video, has anyone purchased it. If so what are your thoguts. Are you willing to share any of it so we can see what it looks like.


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    Hello Keri, your pics are nice. I do feel flattered that you decided to use my slide show and music to portray your beautiful day. Hope you had a fantastic time at CN like we did.

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