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    Default Our wedding at CSA 10/2/09 @ Sunset!!!!

    We had our wedding at CSA on the beach at sunset 10/2/09! Even though it rained on us it didn't stop our show! All my girls walked up the isle and when I finally made it up to the alter the rain started pouring down. But I was so in the zone I wouldn't let it stop our show! Tamika (the wonderful wedding coordinator) asked 2 times if we wanted to continue and both times I gave a quick yes! LOL! I mean it's only a 20 minute ceremony and it's sunset...if we waited any longer it would be pitch black! Plus the umbrella's were just fine LOL!

    I always knew I wasn't going to be the kind of bride that tripped out over the small stuff. I saw the rain as a blessing from God on our union. It wasn't the end of the world, it just added to the memories for us! The whole point was for us to join as man and wife and rain or shine it was going to happen!

    We had such a good time at CSA! Absolutely everyone was amazing! I mean they have become our new family. Being a New Orleanian we have a lot in common with Jamaicans in regards to our culture so we fit right on in! For those who were there while we were I know my family were some characters (sorry for those who didn't think so), but they will always have themselves a good time! We are definitely planning to go back. Jay wants to go back next year but we will see, honestly I want to do some decorating in my house before we come back...LOL! Hey I'm in it everyday, gotta make it my own oasis! I plan on turning our backyard into our own little CSA resort!

    Below is the link to our wedding website. If you go to Photo Albums you will see our pictures of the ceremony that were taken by the resort photographer. BTW I made the cake decorations with help from another wonderful bride on this message board (I'm so sorry your name has escaped me just that fast but she has a business started as well for all you soon to be brides...her stuff is BEAUTIFUL, I'll post her info in a bit).

    Dee & Jay

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    Default Breathtaking

    Good Day,

    Congratulations on your Wedding. What breathtaking pictures. The colors were amazing. Send me an email when you get a chance I will going to CSA on the 16th of October and I have a few questions for you. Thanks

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    First of all beautiful pictures! I love that even though it started raining you all looked happy. I have been waiting to see some sunset pictures so thank you so much for sharing. I am glad that despite the rain it was still amazing and you still had the nice color. Congratulations!

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    Beautiful pictures and the color of your flowers were also lovely. I probably would have broken when it started to rain but you guys still looked like she sun was shinning. Congrats to you both!

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    Congrats Dee!

    Your cake decorations turned out so lovely. I am very proud of you

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    I loved the way the cake was decorated? I would love something like that for our wedding cake. Any suggestions would be a big help.

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