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    Default April 2012 - Easter Week

    Arriving on Monday, April 9, 2012 for 5 nights. I am a little concerned about getting shut out of restaurants or boat trips because I am arriving on a Monday, Easter week which is probably a very busy week. Its my first trip to CSA and really looking forward to everything CSA has to offer. Any advise?

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    We spent Easter week at CSA in 2010. There were no differences whatsoever other than some Easter themed events ( I took second place in the Easter bun eating contest).
    Everything is open as scheduled, cat cruise goes out as scheduled, your room will be cleaned, bars are open and you will have a wonderful time. It's all good!

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    I would not worry too much. We go during peak time, which is in February and never get shut out. Have even gotten on same day due to people not showing up. But, anything can happen. This is not the typical Spring Vacation Resort that caters to the college crowd.

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