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    Is there anything I should know about declaring some donations for the children and some candy for the staff at Couples? Special area at customs or separate line or something like that? Thanx in advance.
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    Unless you are bringing in a truckload for resale, I wouldn't mention it tho others might have different opinions. We have brought donations every trip including tomorrow (11th time) and just go right through. Never a problem or even checked.

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    I am not saying what to do, but I would not declare it.

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    Don't declare items such as those, just go on through the nothing to declare line.

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    If you declare your gifts, then you go through a line with NOBODY ahead of you. If you choose not to declare your gifts, get in line with everybody else. Truth works and you get through so much faster. We'll be bringing a suitcase full of stiff for staff as well as school supplies for the Three Rivers Primary School. Only 45 days to CTI.

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