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    Default Amanda and Jason Wedding October 31st, 2011

    Jason and I were married at CSS in October 2011. It was the best experience I could have ever asked for.

    The pre-wedding was quick and easy. We picked out our spot and played our music. We requested a private dinner and a CD player because my husband made a mixed CD that he wanted to play for me. The wedding planner was able to do everything.

    I had my hair and makeup done at the resort and it was wonderfully done. Very professional and friendly. They even had a driver take me to my room.

    The lady who came to take me to our site, helped me into my dress. My necklace broke that my mother made me and she somehow managed to fix it for me. She was amazing.

    The wedding was quick and easy. It was also very private- in the wedding gazebo. The cake was great and the signing of the documents was also fast. There was no real lag time. We could have hung out longer, but we wanted to get changed and go swimming!

    The resort photographer was the best. It was hot as heck in my dress and she took excellent care of me. She wiped away my sweat (F.Y.I.- wear a short dress ladies it is HOT- even at 10:00 a.m. in a long dress with layers), and found us water about halfway through. She even offered to bustle my dress after photos. The pictures were perfect as well. They even sent us higher resolution pictures after we left.

    Our private dinner-also in the gazebo was so well done. The food was awesome and it was very private. Our photographer came and took our pictures at the dinner as well.

    I honestly think it was the perfect wedding. The only hang-up was the necklace- which was taken care of and the heat- but we were in Jamaica after all.

    I would highly recommend CSS for a wedding. It was the most stress-free wedding I have ever attended. Everyone is very professional and friendly. They will do whatever you need or want. I honestly cannot wait to return.

    Here is a Facebook link to our wedding pictures.

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    I really like the photo of you guys on the little bridge with the flowers! Very pretty!

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    Thanks for sharing! I'm glad to hear it was a good experience, my Fiance and I will be married at CSS in May!

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    beautiful pictures thanks for sharing

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    You will love getting married at CSS. It was the least stressful wedding I have ever attended. I cannot wait to go back. As soon as I get my car paid off, I will be booking our next trip there.

    I wish that Couples would expand to other islands. If they would, I would only book with them. I hope that by the time I have seen everything Jamaica has to offer, they will have expanded to other islands too.

    Enjoy your wedding in May, EMS1983.

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    beautiful couple!

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    Congratulations! Beautiful photos. CSS is a wonderful place to get married - we were married there in June 2011 and are going back for our anniversary this year.
    T.O. & Mia
    CSS - June 17-23, 2011 Weddingmoon!
    CSS - June 19-23, 2012

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