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    Default CSA Review Dec 9-17,2011

    Dec 9-17, 2011 Couples Swept Away, Still Amazing! This was our second time to CSA, previously last year at Christmas. And our third trip in total to Couples, 2 years ago to Couples Negril.

    I will just give a brief run down of CSA, as last year my report covers most of the same great qualities CSA still has going for it!

    Our trip from MBJ to CSA was a blast to say the least. Arriving late in the afternoon of a Friday, has traffic a little busy to say the least. Our driver though was determined to get us all there as quick and safe as he could! We ended up taking some back streets to get thru town a little quicker, thus giving us an even better look at Montego Bay, it was an awesome piece of sightseeing! Once thru town, it was a normal drive till about half way to CSA. We started to encounter a political party parade going on, support the green or Labour party-Paula! As an election is to take place near the end of December, the 29th I believe. It was crazy to see how amped the locals were getting for their political right! Something truly awe inspiring! This did slow down our arrival a bit, but was something to be a part of!

    Once we arrived to CSA, we were quickly checked in! The Express Check In via Romance Rewards works awesome! We had splurged this year for a Beachfront Veranda Suite, and my wife was stoked to see we had received the ground floor! We were whisked away to our home for the week. Our room was perfect, as was the view, right in front of the Wedding Ceremony area. These rooms themselves are the same as our Garden Veranda room was last year, just location difference. It was stocked already with our drink requests! The TV again has American channels and even a few Canadian channels, so if one does need a little bit of home at night, you will get that and then some!

    The beach in front of our room was amazing as it was last year! Open space, lots of chairs and the awesome Couples Floaties on them! With the resort at FULL capacity, we still had no trouble finding chairs no matter the time of day! We found our spot on the beach our first full day, and pretty much made up camp there everyday all week. The beach vendors cruised past us all week, a polite no thanks mon would keep the vendors on their way if we didnít need anything. The beach vendors are very courteous of a little respect given back to them! The water here is to die for, pictures do not do it justice!

    We again walked the beach everyday, mostly towards Margaritaville and well past. We have a favorite beach vendor way down there by the name of Ozzy. He treats us so good, and considers us family, his words. Ozzy is about 5 minutes past the Boat Bar. All by himself in front of a big grape tree. Look him up and reference Clint and Shauna from Canada! Anyways, it is a nice walk to do, and you can always grab a red stripe or 2 if you get thirsty on your walk!

    The food at CSA was again amazing. Most breakfasts were at Patios, you just canít beat the Stuffed or Regular French Toast or Stuffed Pancakes! We ate lunch most days at Sea Grapes, my wife loves the Snapper sandwich! Plus props to the Fish tacos, the menu here alternated we did find too! I would usually slip into the Palms for the buffet, which had a great selection everyday. I would then bring my plate out to Sea Grapes and join my wife. What a great view here! Sea Grapes also has a self Serve Beer Tap, and Ice Cream Station, life is Great!

    Lemongrass, Thai food, was delicious. Me being a picky eater found something to eat with no worries, and left stuffed. We also did Feathers once. Again an amazing meal, you do have to dress up here a little, pants and collared shirt for us guys! Donít let that stop you from going, as it is something to enjoy, the pampered service here, heck at all the restaurants!

    We had once incident at one of the restaurants, which was in poor taste. A table next to us, was being quite pretentious over what was available on the menu for selection. This was breakfast at Patios. They were quite loud so we were able to here their conversation. They had come to CSA from a Couples in Ocho Rios, due to their dislike of it. And now they were dogging on the food selection at CSA. They were hoping for true Jamaican cuisine. Anyways, they were quite rude to the Couples staff, and we apologized to the staff after this couple left. Saying that we appreciate them and the Couples Flavour! Now if true local cuisine is what you want, I believe an All Inclusive is the wrong place to go, no matter if it is Couples or not. A/Iís tend to have to cater to the masses and in doing so you will lose the ability to give you that countries delicacies. At Couples you do get a lot of Jamaican flavour, but also still a lot of a ďNorth AmericanĒ choice of food. All in all though, all the restaurants were top notch with a great selection for us! The Cabana Grill was again great for a late night snack!

    My wife again used the Sports Complex this year, me not so much! She again was impressed with the equipment, so if you must get your fitness fix it is here for you! We also used the spa, which is found over in the Sports Complex side. The massages were amazing! On a side note, we went to CN on a trading places day. Here the better half also had some reflexology done at the CN Spa. It was very good and helped her feel better, as she was feeling a little off one day.

    All in all, our 8 days at CSA was an amazing time! We met some great people, hi to our neighbours-Peter and Annika, fellow repeaters! Coming into our trip this year, we had said this might be our last time to Couples for a few years, change it up abit. But as the week went on, we started to change our tune. So if we can, CSA is back on map to hit again come Dec 2012! Thank you to the Jamaican People, the staff at CSA, and to the whole Couples family! We WILL Be Back!
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    Nice review.

    Jamaica soon come.

    Life is good

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    Loved the review, my wife and I have 56 days until our 4th trip to CN but we are going to stay at CSA for our 40th wedding anniversary in 306 days, my wife loved the location of the rooms you stayed in and it was her choice for our special event. Even have some friends and family coming down for the very first time to spend it with us. Your review just reaffirms our decision.

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    Great review! Thanks!

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    Thank you for taking the time to post such a well-written, detailed review.

    I was very happy to see you mention the self-serve beer tap at Sea Grapes. Bob had just asked me about that this morning.

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    Oh what a beautiful picture! We are going to swept away at the end of January and can hardly wait. We too are from Canada (southern Ontario) and have been fortunate so far not to get any snow. But i am sure we will have some by January and look forward to thsoe tropical breezes. Thanks for your review.

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    Great report. Headed back to CSA for the 8th time...can you tell we love it. I can already feel the sand on that lovely beach....we love to sick those low seat chairs right on the water edge. March canoot come fast enough. We booked a flight out of Boston for 5:15 am ( are we crazy) no...we just want to get there ASAP. Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!!

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    Thanks for the compliments everyone! I didn't go as detailed as last years, but wanted to touch on some of the keys or highlights for us! If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask or email us at


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