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    We have never travelled before and are heading to swept away in 39 days! Just wondering if anyone has ever got a Hepatitis vaccine for Jamaica? Our doctor today said definetly tentnus and possibly Hep "A" . Has anyone got sick from the change in water?

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    We never get vaccinations for Jamaica., The water is fine, but you should always keep your tetanus vaccination up to date even if you never leave your house. The modern tetanus booster lasts for 10 years, so if you haven't had one in 10 years you should get one now.
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    The only vaccine I have ever gotten in Jamaica is a Bob Marley and that will kill just about anything. The water there is better then a lot of places in the US. Drink it all the time, right out of the tap and never any issues.

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    We got hep A and typhoid injections and also a tetanus booster

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    We've travelled to CN several times and have never gotten sick from drinking the water/ice on the resort. I don't think that I would drink it off the resort. We just had tetnus updates and were fine.

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    I definitely had the tetanus shot, but nothing else. I never got sick from the water.

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    Never got any shots before going to Jamaica. Tetnus never hurts to get every few years. No problems with the water.

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    I would definitely update my tetanus and start on the Twinrix vaccination. That will give you immunity to Hep A and B. With only 39 days before you travel you wont be able to do the 2 vaccine required for full immunity but even with 1 dose you will have partial immunity.

    Never had a problem with the water in Jamaica.
    Hope you enjoy your vacation.

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    We have no problems in our over ten years of travel to Jamaica. Jamaica water is safe at the resorts.

    If you were going to Mexico, I would get all the shots.

    One love
    Irie Mon

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    We've never gotten tetanus or hep A, and see no reason why you'd get either one

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    Been to Jamaica twice and never even considered getting vaccines!!! You really shouldn't need to get any at all. Just drink the bottled water or water they serve at the restaurants.

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