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    Default Honeymoon - Which resort for first time all-inclusive?

    My fiancee and I are currently planning a honeymoon, and I have pretty much decided to do a Couples resort. The problem is that I just don't know which one, and what kind of accommodations to choose. This will be our first all-inclusive trip, so we don't really know how to pick. We are fairly conservative, so more concerned with daytime activities and a nice beach while hoping for some peace and quiet most nights, but definitely looking to check out the nightlife at least a couple of nights. We also want variety in terms of number of different restaurants and pools. It seems that CTI and CSS are a little more budget friendly than CN and CSA, but this is our honeymoon, so we are willing to splurge a bit. For those CN and CSA fans, is it more worth having a basic room at those resorts or spending the same amount of money on a suite at CTI or CSS? Thanks in advance for any advice you can give...

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    I believe that on the CN/CSA side of the island (Negril) you are paying extra for the beach, the beach and the beach. CN is small and very laid back and you have a white sand beach that stretches for about 1 and 1/2 miles. CSA is bigger and that white sand beach stretches for 5 miles. The sunsets are fantastic at CSA always over the open water while they are just as fantastic at CN but depending on time of year not always over the open water. My wife and I are beach people and love the long walks on the beach, several times a day, so that is our reason for the Negril side. I am sure though that the Ocho Rios side is just as lovely in it's own way and since they are Couples properties you can't go wrong. Go with your heart! 56 days until going home to CN.

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    We have been to CTI, CN and will be going to CSA in August 2012. Each Couples has its own personality. For US if we could have taken CTI and placed it on the beach of CN it would be OUR perfect resort.

    We loved the CHIC look of CTI and the suite we had was breathtaking. The views from the bedroom/walk in shower and balcony were just this side of heaven. The beach while small was beautiful and completely private! CTI was perfect for hubby and I to spend our first vacation alone in a long time......very romantic.

    We had a deluxe Garden room at CN which was OK but close to the road and noisy. We are thinking of adding 5 nights at CN to our trip in August. If we do this we will make sure we upgrade to a beachfront to avoid the buildings close to the road. Once we were in the room and turned on the AC we could only hear the noise in the bathroom. This room was on the ground floor so maybe this is why we found it so loud plus we live on a farm in the middle of nowhere thus I am not used to any noise. Sitting on the back patio was BEAUTIFUL and very quite.

    Remember CSS is built into the cliff side thus there are A LOT of steps to get anywhere!

    When are you planning to go? Don't forget to look for the Wednesday specials or maybe consider a Secret Rendezvous.

    Bright Blessings for a Wonderful & Prosperous marriage!

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    What would you like to do? what are you looking for? All the resorts are great in their own special ways.
    Irie Mon

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    Our first time at CSA(weddingmoon) we stayed in the cheapest garden suite back then 2004. Those rooms didn't even have a minibar at the time. It didn't matter to us then. We never spend that much time in our room anyway, it's too beautiful there. My point is pick a resort that appeals to you. One of them has to stand out. We have stayed at CSS and CSA 4 times and won't stay anywhere else now. If the beach is important then Negril would probably be better. I felt s little trapped on css's beach but some people love it for the privacy. If you can afford beachfront go for it. I just like Negril better so we go with the cheaper room. I hope this helps but whichever you choose, all the resorts rock! Let us know what you decide.

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