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    Default Signing up for Romance Rewards... Booked thru Travel Agent

    How do I get our trip signed up for Romance Rewards if I booked through a travel agent? I made an account, but I want to be able to do the early check-in so I need my trip to be added to my account.

    Thanks for the help! First-Timers CSA March 10th-16th 2012!

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    Keleddy, I guess I'm not sure what you did. You sign up for rrewards from this site. Your trip /nights won't be credited until after your trip but you will want to do the pre check-in 3-7 days before your trip. That way you can do the trading places perk if you want. I hope that helps and have an awesome trip!

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    if you have your travel dates and flight information that is all you need to preregister. that being said i would wait until 30 days before going to register as flights do tend to change without warning these days and you would probably want to give Couples the most accurate information you can.


    it's all about the kids

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