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    Default Juice bar at CSA???

    Hubby and I have been to CN, and CSS. We loved both, particularly CSS, but missed the Negril beach so we are planning to try CSA in November. One thing we loved about CSS was the fresh fruit smoothies at Charlie's Spa Bar. Does CSA have a juice bar? I thought I remembered seeing that they did, but I wasn't sure.

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    They have fresh fruit smoothies at Sea Grape Cafe and across the street at the Sports Bar. I think there is more variety at the sport complex. You will LOVE CSA!
    Amy Welch...Woooohoooo!!
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    It is so much fun ordering smoothies and food at the Sea Grapes. We thought all the fruit hanging from the ceiling was mostly for decoration and atmosphere. My wife saw a fruit hanging and asked "what is that"? They immediately took it down, cut it open and gave her a piece. She liked it so they made a smoothie with it and several other of her favorites right then and there. Really, they are so accommodating they make it all so much fun, it's like being in the kitchen of a good friend. Can't wait to go back next June!

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    Yep, just like Amy said the juice bar at CSA is over in the sports complex and they have a wide variety of options. Yum!


    Kevin & Angie

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