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    Default What kind of "hollywood glamour" does CTI have?

    I keep seeing that here on the boards, but not exactly sure what that means! Any insight, please?

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    It is more "ambiance" and quality of service. If you go into the piano lounge, the wall is lined with photos of Abe Issa with celebrities from years past. The resort when it was just Tower Isle catered to the celebrities before it became an all inclusive resort. The style after the renovations is more South Beach. It used to be "old world charm" before the renovations. I don't know if that helps.

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    There is a mystique to it. You can feel it when you walk the halls in the main building and see the big palladium windows and the beautiful woodwork, the tiles in the room in that building are original, or at least pre-reno, I believe. Just love it. Then, when a staff member calls you "m'lady" you KNOW you are in for a spoiling, just like the celebs.

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    I agree that it is definitely "ambience". Having stayed at three and visited one Couples for lunch, CTI has a definite "aura" that doesn't exist at
    the others.

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