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    Default CSA spa and sports facility

    Are there steam rooms or saunas over in the spa area that can be used at any time? What are some of everyone's favorite things to do across the road beside work out/bball/tennis ect?

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    There is a steam room in the locker room, but I haven't used it. There are wonderful facilities in the spa, but you have to be a spa guest to use them (steam room is very nice there).

    We love to work out, shower in the locker room, then swim a few laps in the huge lap pool, then relax in the jacuzzi. There is a lovely jogging track that is nice to walk (it wraps around the tennis courts). The sports bar also makes wonderful smoothies and serves Guiness. Bob usually hangs out there while I am indulging in spa treatments. There is also a ping-pong table and a big screen TV for watching sports.

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    We were just at CSA the week of Dec. 3rd-10th. I took Hi-Lo aerobics and an RPM class with that week's instructors. Thanks to Donovan for being a great instructor again this trip. We also played pool, ping-pong, racket ball (2 courts) and sat in the shallow side of the lap pool sipping the best banana & guava smoothies we've ever tasted. I also watched the Giants/Packers football game on the big screen TV. Just had to get a football fix while there. There's also many other things to do like shooting basketball, pumping iron on the weight machines, abs workouts and yoga classes just to name a few. You're going to love the best sports facilities that we've ever had the pleasure to use while away on vacation.

    Enjoy your time in Paradise, aka CSA!

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