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    Anyone know of any good tattoo artists in Negril? Near Swept Away?

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    I would not recommend getting ink work done in Negril, or Jamaica at all for that matter. I would not trust the sanitary conditions, preparations or regulations in a culture that may not be as particular about a tattoo parlor's hygiene as back home.

    I know it sounds cool to get ink in Jamaica, but I would leave such an invasive process to a professional back home that you know and trust.

    Just my 2 cents.

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    I second those remarks. For all the reasons that Barry stated, plus after getting a tattoo back home, they recommend staying out of the sun for at least 48 hours. I would hate to lose 48 hours while I am in Jamaica. Save it for when you get home.

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    I agree with Dirtleg , I have had alot of work done. {Left arm sleeved , working on right.}
    Not only would I worry about shop cleanliness but having work done while there would also limit many activities you may want to do. You'll need to stay out of the sun as much as possible , no extended periods in the water. Don't think I would get in the ocean at all. Just opens up lots of opportunity to infection.
    I stop all work being done 45-60 days before I go so that it is healed real good.

    If you find a design you like , bring it back and have your local artist do the work.

    Hope you have a nice time.

    Headed back to CSA in July 2012

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    Thank you all! This is why I love this board. This ends any thoughts of tattoos while on our honeymoon. We appreciate the responses.
    Mike & Linda

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