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    I was wondering if anyone has had a problem getting prescription meds through security. I normally travel with my meds in a pill box (the days of the week type) and don't bring the bottles. I have been doing this for years and never been questioned, but have not been to Jamaica before. Should I be bringing the bottles? I have a lot of them & it takes up extra room, but I don't want to cause a potential problem. Thanks!

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    I'm curious what others experience have been as well. We went to FL in September and I put mine in a pill box (weekly type) and didn't have any problems. When we went to Jamaica the year before, I brought all of the bottles which took up much of my purse. I'd be afraid to have them confiscated if not in the bottles but also don't want to check them either. What has been other's experiences?

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    I've never had a problem at all. I always bring a bottle or two of something just in case. Never an issue.

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    I also take a lot of meds, high blood pressure, I take the bottles. Rather be safe than sorry. I've never had anyone check them but.......wifey will probably do the day by day as you have. Mail order prescriptions do have travel bottles available. Just let them know far enough in advance.


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    I am at CSA right now, I took a boatload of pills through security, no issues. I always travel with a bunch in my backpack. I just toss all the pills into 1 pill bottle that has my prescription on it.

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    I too have lots of pill bottles to take. It's not a problem. They don't question you about your meds. I always keep them in my carry on luggage so that I can get to them if I have to.
    One thing I do is keep a copy of all my prescriptions with the meds. But no one has ever asked about medication.
    Don't stress out over it. It won't be problem.

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    This will be our 4th trip to CSS and I take several medications--including an inhaler. Since my insurance provides refills for 90 days, the pill bottles are HUGE! I always put my pills into a smaller container and have never had a problem.

    Safe and happy travels!

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    My husband also takes a lot of pills and has 3 inhalers. We usually put them in a weekly pill containter like you (makes it easier it see if he has taken them). We never have had any problems. We are doing the same in just a couple of days.

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    My only recommendation is that if any of them are C2's that you carry them in their original container at ALL times. Any other meds, pretty safe to carry in a weekly holder. Have a GREAT vacation!!!

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    I always take the RX labeled plastic bottles. I just put them all in padded costmetic case and bring in my carry-on.

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    We also take the bottles and then populate the dispenser on arrival.

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    Technically you are required to have them in your original prescription bottle. They may let you through without it, but if not, it could be a real problem. My carry-on is half-full of those darn bottles on the way there, but there is plenty of room for my airport purchases on the way home :-)

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    In 14 trips we've never been questioned about any meds. You'd be most likely to get the questioning on the way home rather than entering Jamaica. In recent years though I started saving the last bottle when refilling meds before the trip, then I stick enough pills for the trip plus one or two extra in case we get stuck on the way home in the appropriately labled bottle. When we arrive at the resort I put the pills into the weekly box as usual and can throw the bottles away so they aren't taking up space in my luggage on the way home. The rules do state that technically meds have to be in their bottle so I figure it's worth the space on the way down to save a potential generally have extra room for the souveniers anyway. On the way home I figure if I do lose the one or two extra pills and we are stuck due to weather or flight delays I can figure something out. I'm with the majority of folks that say it's not a problem and you likely won't get a second glance but if I can find an easy way to avoid any potential issues I do...this seems easy enough for me.

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    I'd say if it's something very important that you absolutely cannot do without, take the prescription bottle or the prescription itself just in case. I've never been questioned, but I always take an antiobiotic with me in case of surprise infections, and pack them in the bottle. I put other meds in a pill box, like Aleve, Tylenol, etc. Those are things you can find in the gift shops if they are confiscated.

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    We just got home last night and not one of our suitcases or carryon"s were checked. I was really surprised last time even my purse had to be dumped out and checked.

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    Legally, prescription meds are supposed to carried in the original RX container. An alternative might be to carry the prescription label they use to check you out with your daily container.

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    I have traveled to Jamaica many times as well as in Europe. since I am diabetic I come loaded with needles, insulin, other pill form medications, glucose meter and test strips and have never had a problem- ever anywhere. I put the pills in a baggy since I can tell then apart. The rest of the stuff some in purse and rest in the carryon. Hope this helps.

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    I am a diabetic also. I was told by TSA to always set my meds out to be screened separately. I also carry a letter from my doctor stating that I have an insulin pump. Iíve never had any issues.

    Life is good

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