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    Ok, I know you get these questions all the time, I have been a member of this board for 7 years now. I never thought I would have to ask this but here it goes. My hubby and I are planning our third trip to Couples for June 2013. We went to CSA and stayed in the Atrium Suite for our honeymoon. 5 Years later we were at CSS. We were talking last night about booking our trip in February when the rates come out. I just assumed we were going back to CSA to stay in our Atrium Room with our hammock. My hubby surprised me with maybe wanting to try CN instead!! I told him that we wouldn't have our hammock but I would research. I have never even looked at CN. I looked at pics this morning and saw that the Beachfront Suites have hammocks!!! So do they all have hammocks? The debate is now, do we try out CN and stay in the beachfront because they have the hammock we want? or do we stick with CSA and the Atrium? My hubby had an issue last time with the noise while staying in the ATrium. The piano bar was pretty loud late at night. We aren't the type to stay up late everynight and party, but one or two would be nice. CN is more expensive, but if it is worth it we will do it for sure. So opinions please CSA for the Atrium or CN for the beachfront(assuming they all have the hammock) We liked CSS but it was way too hotel for me. That is why I enjoyed the Atrium. But we haven't been to CSA since 2005 so I know it has changed a lot. So we don't want a hotel feel, we don't want loud partying noise till 4am, and we want a hammock!!! Thanks for taking the time

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    Though CSA has grown considerably since '05 it still has the intimate feel it always had. The atrium rooms have not changed and the noise level will depend on the temperament of the guests there at the time, as would be the case at any other Couples location. For the most part CSA will be the same as you remember, with the addition of some new buildings and the new pool at the south end.

    I think you would enjoy exploring the "new" CSA, but I also think you will be quite happy at which ever Couples you select. For my part we are going to CSA for our sixth trip this coming June staying in an atrium room for the second time. We also made our first visit in 2005.

    Have a great trip!

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    At CN only the suites, Beachfront & Garden, have hammocks. No other room type does. We stayed in a Garden Suite the last 2 years, partially because it had a hammock, but decided our next trip (59 days) we were going back to the cheapest room they have to help offset airfare, and the fact, we did not use the hammock more then once or twice, but that is us.

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    the piano bar at Swept Away is on the other end of the resort now in the new Great House. if the last time you were at Swept Away the piano bar was in the Palms you are in for some new things for sure if you choose Swept Away.

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    We are big CN fans but you should know that all the regular rooms there have small balconies. They do not compare to CSA. CSA porches and balconie are all biggerand have more furniture on them.Only the suites at CN have hammocks and they are the most expensive. Also, we have never been bothered by noise at CN late at night.

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    Even though only the really expensive rooms at CN have hammocks on their balconies at CN, there are maybe a dozen large hammocks spread out under the trees on the beach. Seemed to always have an empty one somewhere. So, even though you may not have a hammock on patio, these are great. CN is much more compact, and everything revolves around the central pool area. CSA is very spread out now, with the restaurants on either end of the resort. We've stayed at them both, and seem to gravitate back to CN every time.
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