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    Default Couples Swept Away - Late Check Out???

    Back in September, we booked our trip to Swept Away for February 2012. We just received notice from our Tour Company we booked with that our flight times have changed dramatically. Instead of departing for home at 8am on the 15th of February, we now don't leave until 1am on the 16th. We are quite disappointed as this leaves us without a room for the last day. Does Couples offer a late checkout on the last day? Suggestions are welcome

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    In our experience, it is tough to get a late checkout at CSA, especially in February, because they run at almost 100% capacity then. You can always ask, though. An option would be to check out, but continue to use the resort facilities. You can shower in the locker room at the sports complex before you head home. We have checked out on our last day and then stored our luggage with the bell captain and then gone to get lunch. They are very nice about letting you continue to use the facilities on your last day after check out (as long as you vacate your room).

    Even though your flight is at 1:00 a.m., you will be leaving the resort around 9:00 p.m., so it's not like you'll be there to sleep that night. Other options include paying for an extra day at CSA, or checking out as normal and taking a tour during the afternoon.

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    I would call 1-800-couples and ask.

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    We checked out of our room, left our bags with the bell captain and went and had lunch at the Cabana Grill before meeting back up for our shuttle. If you're taking the shuttle back to the airport, CSA determines what shuttle you'll be on. Worst case, they'll make you pay for a late check-out but you'll get access to a case, they won't make you pay to stay at the resort all day after check-out, enjoy the beach, the restuarants, but if you want to shower, you'll have to use the ones at the Sports Complex...

    Just call and explain your circumstance, I'm sure they'll work with you.
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    I agree that you should call them now and explain the situation to them. Don't wait till you get there to get this resolved.

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    I second what Bob and Judy said - on the morning you are to leave (still in your swimsuits) take your hand luggage with your going home clothes in, over to the sports complex and use the lockers there. Then check out and leave your suitcases with the front desk. Swept Away will be fine with you using all the facilities until your transport arrives. We have had evening flights in the past and this is what we have done.

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    Because of the sports complex at CSA, you should be in great shape if they can't accomodate a late checkout. Think of it as getting an extra day for free at the resort!!!

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    I think the late check-out charge is less than paying for another full day and I would take the hit on it for the comfort factor.

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    Accord to the policy pamphlet from CSA late check out is avail @ $100 but of course you should call for details

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    I would spend the 100. Could a resort credit be used?

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