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    Default Calling all CTI Experts

    We'll be at CTI in 23 days! We've been there before once before in 2007, but since then we've tried CN and CSS three times in a row. So we've forgotten some things...

    Are the indoor restaurants cold at night? We're used to CSS which has outdoor dining at each restaurant for dinner. I hate to go from warm and balmy to freezing air conditioning. I vaguely remember freezing my a$$ off the last time we were there in 2007, but that was before the renovation.

    Oh no! The Monday night beach party BBQ/Repeater's Dinner conflict! We really loved the beach party the last time we were there, but we weren't repeaters then so didn't have to choose. What to do!? Will we be able to catch the entertainment after the repeaters dinner?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Our last trip this past November, we noticed that two indoor restaurants didn't seem as cool as they had been years ago. I would play it safe and bring something to wear just in case. As to the always difficult choice of repeaters or beach party. Seeing as this will be your first repeaters dinner, I think that I would go for it. You can always leave before desert arrives and take in the beach party. Even if you stay for desert, you can still catch the entertainment on the beach.

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    hi, we were at cti the first week of december. The resort looks beautiful to me, but I love that kind of architecture.

    the main dining room has no windows, but a roof with fans, so if it's a hot or humid day it will be warm. When the entertainment got going it was always really warm for me, especially if dancing. If going to the indoor restaurants I always had a thin sweater with me for the air-conditioning.

    I recommend some kind of light sweater or wrap in case you need it. they don't take up too much room in a bag.

    If I had a choice on Monday night, I'd go the the repeaters dinner, but it's a personal decision.
    Some people really enjoy the beach party, I was not one of them.

    have a great trip.

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    Depending on the weather. Of course the patio resturant is open to air. Verandah can be open to air. the 8 rivers was the only one that was a tad chilly. Had only one experience with being cold at dinner but it was my own fault. I advise women to take a light jacket. CARDIAGN is perfect. or a light dressy jacket. We went the first of december the weather was BEAUTIFUL!
    Enjoy. and hopefully my post was helpful.

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    The indoor restaurants were not as cold this last trip. They were comfortable! But also extremely packed and loud. We found the Patio to be really quiet, under attended and since its open air, a lovely temperature. The atmosphere on the Patio was the surprise for this trip, big change from 07, it has become a quiet intimate spot to eat with great service.

    The solution to the repeater beach party dilemma: Arrive on Mondays, depart on Tuesdays. Came up with that one on the Island in 06, first you miss weekend traffic both on the road and at the airport. Beach party the night you arrive or the night you depart but because you will be on resort for two monday nights, you can get to them both.
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    I, too, did not find 8 Rivers or the Verandah to be as chilly as in past years. I think they are trying to save money on AC. I took my light sweater along, but never used it. Now, my skinnier friends has a shawl and did use it, so it may be more of a personal thermometer issue!

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    Bayside is also open air along with the Patio. I always take a shawl for me as I get cold even in July.

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    Sometimes the chill is brought on by the amount of sun obtained during the day. My wife always brings a light shawl/light jacket or sweater to the indoor restuarants or even to the Bayside restuarant where the night breeze over the water can be cool.

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    Didn't think the Verrandah or 8 Rivers were chilly, just about right. The piano bar was chilly though. Guess it depends on the night.

    See if you can find out whats on the menu for the Repeaters dinner. For us it was Surf and Turf ( I think lobster is out of season now though?) which is the same as what we got on lobster night anyway, so food wise it was repetitive. It also depends on who you get to sit with - we had Byron who was very entertaining and personable.

    We did miss most of the beach party entertainment, but made it out in time for the fire dancer/eater person. But we had done the beach party twice before so missing it wasn't a big deal.

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