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    Default Question about CSS rooms...

    So my fiance and I have narrowed our honeymoon plans for next June down to either CTI or CSS. I really think we would like CSS (we are pretty laid back and just want to hang out and relax, plus I'm not sure about the more "hotel" style of CTI). however, I have concerns about the rooms themselves since it has not been renovated recently (hence the draw of CTI). Has anyone had problems with any of the rooms at CSS, or do you have any room suggestions? If we stay at CSS, we will stay in an Ocean Suite One Bedroom or a beachfron suite.


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    We stayed in a beachfront suite and loved it. The room was dated as in the colour scheme, but it had a nice layout and a nice large bathroom. We did not use the jacuzzi tub (it looked dated), but there was a double sink with a seperate shower and a additional make-up station. There was plenty of room for two to work away and get beautiful at the same time. LOL. The balcony was small, but we only used it in the morning for coffee. For us the room was just fine and very conveniet and close to the beach and restaurants. We have booked the same room again for our trip in March. Good luck deciding. We have never been to CTI,but plan to do the tranding places the next time we go.

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    We stayed in a beachfront Suite at CSS in 2009 and it was beautiful. No problems whatsoever!
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    We just returned after 11 great days. We had beach front ground floor rm. rm was a little out of date but nice and we plan tor return next December. We did meet a couple that moved over from CTI because the AN area is on an island and closed if windy.

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    I LOVE our 1 Br Ocean Suite at CSS (2010, 2011, and soon to be 2012!). Most of the rooms in this category are in Block G, and have balconies overlooking the beach cove. I found them very spacious and comfortable. I like the 1BR Ocean for the balcony views and close proximity to the gym & spa. There are more steps to get back to the room if you forget something for the beach, but it is a nice stroll after dinner.
    Our trip that we stayed in a Beachfront Suite (2009 trip) was fine, no troubles, but I echo much of the comments above. More convenient to the beach, restaurants, but I felt it was less private than the 1BR Oceansuites. Either way, you can't go wrong! CSS is definitely the place to kick back and relax.

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    I'm trying to view the 36o degree pictures of CSS rooms on the website without success. No matter which
    room category is selected, photos of the lobby appear. Can you check on this? I'm anxious to book our
    next trip! Thanks
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    Hi! We just returned from our second trip to CSS & I wanted to offer our input on rooms. We stayed in a Beachfront room in 2010 (A Block) & were surprised by how nice the room was! We didn't consider it "dated." The bathroom was quite luxurious. It was quiet (away from the entertainment deck outside of the Balloon Bar) and it was very close to the AN beach. Not a great view as we were on the ground floor.

    In 2011, we stayed in a Deluxe Ocean Verandah Suite (Block E). The room was not as nice (bathroom was small and dated) and it was loud (right next to the entertainment), but we LOVED the large porch & view.

    We still can't decide which room we liked better, since both had pros/cons. You probably won't regret choosing CSS, regardless of which room you pick.

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