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    Default Non Stop from DFW?

    Has anyone flown on Sun Country non-stop from DFW?


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    Nope, but we've taken American from DFW and it tends to be a a little long, but great flight.

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    No- we flew non stop from DTW on Delta

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    We did American as well from DFW

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    Yes, It has been a few years ago. We had no problems and everyone was nice. The plane was full,crowded and a little older. Would we fly them again??? Yes. These days it's all about price and safety for us.

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    We found a United flight with one stop from DAL to IAH to MBJ. It isn't non stop but got lucky and the price was $515 each. It has gone up to $668 each now, but will go down again at some point.

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    YES, we have. It has been 6 yrs. ago , we did not have any problem with them at all. In fact, we will be using them again in June.

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