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    Default Private dinner on the island at CTI?

    Hi. I was hoping that someone could help me. I've read that you can have a private dinner on the island at CTI?? I would love some details about it, like can I set it up before we go since we will only be there 4 nights?? The cost, can you choose what you want to eat and what time?? Any details would be greatly appreciated!!! It sounds sooo romantic!!!


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    250-260 IIRC

    You can ask for light customization outside of the menu for allergen or dietary reasons.

    It's wonderful and makes for some NICE picture opportunities, especially with a full moon.

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    Email the wedding coordinator for couples. I believe it's just

    They will provide you the menu. I don't believe you can select the items unless there is a food allergy involved.
    The cost I believe is $250. (I think). My husband and I did the dinner on the beach after our wedding at CTI in August. It was $170 and it was the MOST AMAZING night of our lives!!! It was incredible!

    Having been to the island, I am glad we chose the beach dinner. The ambiance and view was better in my opinion.

    But either option is fantastic! Just visit the concierge as soon as you arrive and they will get it all taken care of for you.

    Weddingmoon @ CTI August 2011
    Planning our return Home!

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    We were just at CTI in November, and while we didn't do the dinner on the Isle, we did the dinner on the beach. I called the resort about 2.5-3 months in advance, and made the reservations then. Once we got to the resort, I confirmed the reservation (I was paranoid, it was for the wife's birthday, and I didn't understand how well Couples takes care of things!) The day of the dinner, on our way to breakfast, I stopped one more time at the desk, and let them know to inform the chef that the wife was allergic to mushrooms, and it was her birthday.

    Needless to say, everything came out perfect!

    As for the cost, I think the dinner on the Isle is $250-270 something like that. I don't think you get a choice in the meal, ours was surf-n-turf (and OOHH so GOOD!) There is a range of times you can choose from, we went with 7:30pm, and it was already VERY dark at the time, but with the candles, very romantic!

    Go for it!

    Jason A.
    CTI first trip November 2011
    CTI return visit May 2013!!!

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    They had just started this service when we were at CTI in July. We didn't do the dinner, but know a few couples who have done it and are very glad they did. You meet on the pier for champagne before heading to the island. Once on the island you are seated and have a personal waiter. There is a chef on the island and they prepare your meal on the island. They only allow two or three couples an evening and the way the island is set up, you feel like you are there by yourselves. I fell like it's more private than the beach dinner. When you are having a beach dinner, there are still guests walking the beach or the walkway behind the beach, But that is just my opinion.

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    Thanks everyone!! What time would you suggest we go for dinner??

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    We did it in October and it was lovely. Take a small torch with you to read the menu as it's quite dark. Luckily one of our freinds was prepared. I think it was $240.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cole01042003 View Post
    Thanks everyone!! What time would you suggest we go for dinner??
    I am not sure, but I think the Island dinner has a time. Probably 6:30-7.

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