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    Default Can't wait!! 3 weeks!!

    We went to CN last year and we are going to CSA this year. We LOVED CN but thought we would check out CSA this time. We are wondering if we would like CSA just as much as CN?

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    If you're like us, yes you will. Have a blast!

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    If you are like us ........... you will LOVE CSA. We are kinda in the same boat as you. We went to CN for Christmas last year and LOVED it. We decided to try CSA this past April and LOVED it as well. We LOVED it just a little more!!! We are heading back to CSA in 7 weeks . Have a great vacation
    12/2010 CN
    04/2011 CSA
    02/2012 CSA
    12/2013 CB
    12/2014 CSA

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    Thanks for the info!! Like we said we were at CN last year and LOVED it!! Previous to that we had been to riviera Maya three times, travel agent talks us into Couples Jamaica and it was so much more than we expected. We know we are going to love CSA!! We already feel like you can't go wrong with any Couples resort!

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