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    Default Nightmare!!

    Just woke up from a terrible dream....Waiting for our connecting flight to Montego Bay and just realized we forgot our passports!!!
    Has this "nightmare" ever become a reality for anyone?
    17 More days until CSA!!

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    That would be a nightmare!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy your countdown!!! and PS....dont forget your passports!!

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    Yes! Only we made it to Mobay And they wouldn't let us have them mailed,so our vacation was spent in. The airport. Lol

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    I always have those types of nightmares leading up to trips... mostly forgetting to pack or trying to pack at the last minute, or arriving at the airport and realizing I don't have my luggage. Just last night I had one that I was rushing to catch my flight. I feel such huge relief when I wake up, but I could really do without that stress! 37 more days!

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    Pack your passport 1st!

    Life is good

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    I don't think that can happen anymore. I think you need your passports to board the plane for an international flight. But that would be a nightmare.

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    Yes...I have Jamaica "nightmares" frequently. Passport is one. My dive card is another. Just this week I had one where for some insane reason we took our daughter with us and had to figure out what to do with her.

    Dreams often tell us alot about what our subconscious is experiencing. In my case, my frequent Jamaica dreams (something always is getting in the way of me getting there or I'm at the resort and it's the last day and I discover I've done nothing and have wasted the entire vacation.) Not sure what all that means, except that our Couples time is very important to me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lindad View Post
    I don't think that can happen anymore. I think you need your passports to board the plane for an international flight. But that would be a nightmare.
    This has been our experience. In 4 trips to Jamaica, we have always needed our passports when we board the first plane at our home airport. But then nightmares don't know the rules!!! That one would have awakened me in a cold sweat!
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    Not a nightmare but a reality. Once we booked thru the resort (only time) and arrived at the airport Christmas Morning only to find out our flight left 15mins previous. No one to call at Couples that early on a holiday either. They gave us the wrong flight confirmations. Lucky for us we were having a major storm and people couldn't get to the airport so we were able to board the next booked flight due to no-shows. We only use our full service travel agent that we can call 24/7 from now on.

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    Our nightmare is getting snowed in and not being able to get our of the airport for a week. Real possibility in Ohio.

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    I had a client that arrived at the airport to depart for MoBay to realize his passport had expired, after 3 months of asking his wife constantly if she renewed her passport! She was not a happy camper...

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