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    We are already registered for this, and it will be our first trip to couples. We will be staying 9 nights, and I see the levels go from 0-5 nights, then 6-13. Will we get bumped to the second level on our first trip since the number of nights will fall into that category, or if we come back again, we start from there? Sorry if this makes no sense lol.
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    I believe it all starts on your second trip.

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    You are correct on your next stay you will be on the second level. Romance rewards are based on number of nights stayed,not how many times you've been.

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    The Romance Rewards program is designed to reward returning guests. When you arrive at the resort as RR members, you will be eligible to participate in the Trading Places Program, but you are entitled to no rewards intended for returning guests. After your vacation's conclusion, your account will be credited with the number of nights stayed. Upon your return for a second stay, you will receive rewards based upon the number of nights in your account.
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    Just an FYI for those wondering, we left on 11/28/11 and the nights showed up on our Romance Rewards Activity list later that day. They have definitely sped that up from even a year ago. Very cool.

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    I have a follow up question - how long does it take for the nights to show up on your Romance Rewards account? My account is not showing the nights from our stay in November. Just want to know if I should be concerned.


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    So....on your first trip there are you not able to do a day pass to check out one of the other resorts?

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    Iclinefla, If you are a RR member, you can do the trading places as Pamela says above.

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