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    Default Oh No!! Our last trip to CN???

    We just returned from a trip to CN, and had thought before we left that perhaps it was time to move on and go somewhere else for vacation. Our first night there, we went to the bar after dinner for a long awaited Rum Cream. The bartender (Amay) saw us, let out a squeal and ran around the bar to hug us both. We had a wonderful reunion, catching up on things since our last visit. The next morning we went to breakfast, and Carmecia ran to us to welcome us back to CN. Later in the day we were on the beach and Floy found us to welcome us back. There are 3 valid reasons why we will return. This was a week later than our normal time, and we met some great people on the beach. One couple became engaged that week, and plan to return next year for their wedding. We plan to be there to cheer them on as they start their new life together. What an incredible place. Thanks to all at CN who made this week just another week in paradise...

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    Is Floy back? We met Floy on the beach our first trip in '08, but I know she left shortly after that and we didn't see her this past January when we were there? Just curious if this is the same Floy? We corresponded many times by email with Floy back in '08 as well as a Shawna Kay who was no longer working there the last I heard? Would love to know if we might see her again next month on our 3rd trip back! 36 days and counting . . .

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    Re: Floy - we have been going to CN in July for the past 5 years and Floy has been there each time (at least the last 4 years) and always greets us with a warm hug and smile!!!

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    Cemecia is such a nice, bubbly woman. She is but one of the many reasons we love CN. We feel like rock stars or something when we go there, because the staff remember you. One nice young lady, a housekeeper, even remembered the room number of where we stayed on our trip 6 months prior. How do they do that?

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    We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Floy!!!

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    Camecia, is the best, she runs that dining room like no other, she remembers exactly what we like and yes, as a repeater I always feel like a rock star when we return to CN, and of course dear Floy, I hope she is still there!

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