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    My fiance and I are going to be booking a room for June at CN, which rooms does everyone recommend? Can you request a room in a specific block or building? I was leaning toward deluxe beachfront, but if its not worth it im fine with the garden or ocean rooms.

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    We had stayed in Deluxe Ocean our first 2 trips and decided on a Deluxe Garden last month. The Garden will be our choice from now on. Any other room is not worth the extra money, and we were closer to the dive shop, which was much nicer than being on the other side of the resort.

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    Go with the Garden Rooms, will look exactly like the Deluxe Beachfront, all rooms other then suites are the same, only difference is the view you have. Save the money for your air fare. All the rooms are really great by the way. 63 days till I am home at CN.

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    We are booked again in a deluxe beachfront because I love setting on the balcony early in the morning looking at the beach and beautiful water. The view is not like looking out a highrise condo in Destin or Orange Beach because the building is set at an angle and the building height is only 3 stories. Also they are the rooms closer to the beach and we like to walk off the steps directly onto the beach. However, I would book any room there just to be able to be there. Great vacation resort!

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    Deluxe garden it is then, thanks !

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