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    Default I'm being taunted

    Our vacation at CTI is 4 weeks away. As usual, I desperately need this vacation and I am really looking forward to it. Right now, my niece and her new husband are honeymooning at CTI (we highly recommended CTI, so they switched from another all-inclusive). They are apparently having a great time. In fact, they have posted several pictures of them on the beach at CTI to their facebook pages.

    Now I'm glad they are having a great time and all, but this is just not fair. Each picture of CTI they post makes me want to leave NOW rather than having to wait 4 weeks. Sigh.

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    I'll be going to CTI Jan.7-14. Im so excited !!
    Ive never been on a vacation before & always wantted to see here we go.
    Were leaving from Detroit & taking a straight flight to Montego Bay.
    It's gonna be cold when we leave here but I sure aint bringing a coat. Im gonna layer my cloths & freeze till we leave detroit. I'll stay warm by thinking where we'll be in 4 hours. LOL

    Im starting to get things together to pack. I just get so confussed.
    I read on this message board not to over pack. But Im afraid Ill under pack too !!!

    Any helpful tips on what Ill need or not need?

    Hope you have fun in CSI !! Maybe we'll run into each other.

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    Make sure you pack PLENTY of swim suits....unless you plan on staying on the Island most of the time

    A few wraps for the beach so you can have the option of going to the buffet for lunch as well as the grill. Since you are going for 7 nights I would pack 4 pairs of shorts, 4 tops, 3 nice dinner outfits and a light wrap.

    Trust me I have been traveling for 25+ years to the Caribbean, MX and Hawaii and only wish I would take my own advise...LOL

    You will put on a swimsuit in the morning and stay in it until you get ready for dinner. They only time you will wear "clothes" is when you go off property to do things. We also take a small bottle of Woolite to rinse out the bathing suits. They tend to get a funky smell if you just let them dry.

    Have a wonderful time! We adored CTI and would not hesitate returning!

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    I understand your feelings. While I've never been to CTI, I've been to Negril twice. I badly need a vacation as well. I have to wait 37 days, but who's counting.


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    Hello from Detroit! We went in November for 4 nights, and while we thought we packed everything, we wound up finding we came up a little short. We didn't lose anything from our luggage, it was just improper prior planning on my part. What we did as far as coats went, is we wore light coats, then "wedged" them into our carry-on. As was said, you'll likely spend most of your time in a swimsuit (or less if you go to the Isle, which I recommend!) We packed one suit for me, and three for the wife (one bikini, one one-piece, and a less daring two piece) What you *really* need to be sure of is any toiletries you need. We both wear contacts, so we packed a 3oz overnight solution in the carry-on, plus a full-size saline (can't use the multi-purpose stuff) in the checked bag (couldn't find carry-on size!)

    What I would suggest is, do the following:
    Make a list of what you think you would need, based on what you're planning to do. Include at least one "nice" outfit each, plus swimwear.
    Then read the "I wish I'd thought of that" topic here for some ideas, including what you don't need to pack (towels comes to mind)
    Then figure out what you can use more than once to save weight / space.

    You'll love the resort!
    (Warren, MI resident!)
    CTI first trip November 2011
    CTI return visit May 2013!

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