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    So, we decided to book a winter holiday for this coming January to fullfill our "every two yearrule." After going to Cuba twice, once to get married and once for an anniversary trip, we decided on Couples Negril for January 2011. After reading the reviews, we booked it and were looking forward to the trip..... Plus, we figured we had a great deal.

    So, just for laughs, I checked the site we booked with. They dropped the price a week after we booked.......

    All I can say is UGH!!!!! Why do agencies do this.

    The only benefit in this is that we are going to Couple Negril.

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    Check with your travel agent and ask them if you can rebook to get the lower rate. We have done it

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    Aw, that always happens! What a bummer!

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    I may be dreaming, but I thought that there was something in the website that if the price changes and it's more than 45 days out from your trip, you can get the lower price. If you booked through the couples website you may just try to call them otherwise call your travel agent.

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    Our travel agent has always watched the deals and been able to rebook, at least with the resort portion of the vacation. Flights are another story.

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    Default Ugh!!!

    did you buy trip insurance? If so you are intitled to the lower price. This has happened to us twice. Nice supriise.
    Another reason to buy trip insurance.
    Also my mother-in-law went to Jamaica in May and became ill. Her trip insurance paid for her medical and travel reimbursement costs. She had to leave early and they got the difference back in days left on the trip.
    Just a thought.

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    Christmas came early. Checked the credit card statement and low and behold, we were given a credit by the agency we booked through. Maybe it was pointint out the dirty pool tatic of dropping the price dyas after we booked despite asking if there was a planned price drop. Or maybe it was the comment about "telling everyone not to book through them (we have some friends that might be considering joining us for a get away).

    In any event. I am happy and the countdown begins..... Soon.

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    Glad to hear you got a credit. We haven't booked yet but are planning on going to CN and CSS end of January - one week at each. Can't wait!!! We're from Manitoba (just outside Winnipeg) so if you have any idea what our winters are like in January you'll know why I "can't wait"....

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    Know exactly what the January weather is. Live just inside the perimeter on Winnipeg..... By the way, best deal so far is with Westjet.

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