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    my wife went and bought cheap rings, around $15 a piece and we wear those. This way you dont have to always worry about losing the real ones. Whenever we go, we do not want to worry about anything but relaxing but it is up to you to decide on what works best!!! hope you have a fabulous time, I can not wait to get back home......

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    This question seems to split this board right down the middle. When we went this year, I suggested to my wife that she leave her diamond ring at home. She told me "no way, it stays on my finger" and it did the entire trip, no problems.

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    My hubby and I get married at CTI and took our real rings. We were just conscious of them the whole time. We didn't even take them off at Dunn's River Falls.
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    I never understand why people think they have to take their jewelry off. I have had mine for 30 years and I rarely take them off. I have have my ring checked regularly and have had some work done on the prongs for normal wear and actually made smaller to fit. If they fit, leave them on, if they don't get them re-sized.

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    I'm an avid traveller and always take my rings with me. They stay on my finger all the time so I know where they are 24/7; even at home, I only take them off to clean them. As a matter of fact, I got married at CSA so of course, we had to bring our rings for the ceremony and we kept them in the safe before the wedding without any problems. After the ceremony, they were on our fingers the rest of the time. The key is ensuring they're fitted properly - a properly fitted ring should not just fall off your finger.

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    I only take my wedding band (with 5 small diamonds) as it isn't loose and never comes off. I do leave my engagement ring at home though. It is insured but I don't sleep or shower with it and I'd be afraid of taking it off and forgetting it. Plus the two side diamonds I inherited when my mother passed away. I'd be devastated if I lost that. But then I have been married for almost 18 years and it's no big deal to have it on.
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    We were married at CN so obviously had all of our rings with us so they could be blessed by the Ministe and appear in photos. On every trip thus far to Couples I keep our rings in the safe during the day and wear them in the evening to dinner. I feel completely comfortable doing so.

    I would never wear them to the beach- the risk of loss or damage, and the combo of sand, salt water, and sunscreen are not good for precious and valuable jewelry. My DH has bought me a simple sterling silver "I Love You" band from Tiffany & Co. for our trips which I wear on the beach and on excursions.

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