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    Default Bringing wedding rings to CN?

    We are going to CN for our honeymoon, and I'm torn as to if I should bring my engagement/wedding ring with us? Of course I want to have them to wear in the morning/at night, especially on our honeymoon, but I don't wear them to the pool/beach ever due to the chlorine/salt water/sunscreen, and I would have to be leaving them in the safe during the day. Is that a good idea or no? We just went to Mexico, and to an extremely nice resort with FH's family - but I still left my e-ring at home in the states. I didn't even trust it in the safe. What's the deal with CN? Should I leave it and just take a cz? Or will they be ok during the day in the safe? Thanks!
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    My future wife & I purchased some cheap look-a-likes to take with us when we travel. Her ring has diamonds that have been passed down for generations and we are not willing to travel with that risk.

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    Don't take them. Don't. Please don't! Just on the off chance alone something bad were to happen. Let's face it we've all seen the oddest of things happen once in awhile. Especially on my honeymoon when its all so very fresh and new, that would be horribly devastating. I've been with my husband for twenty years. I know if something like that were to happen to me NOW, I would be ok with it and eh, its a ring, I can get another. BUT YET I STILL DON"T TAKE THEM!

    I watched a newlywed husband, on their honeymoon agonize through most of their last day in paradise because his ring slipped off his finger and went under the decking. Not a way to spend your last day on your honeymoon. Nope. and bringing a ring with is not worth losing that time with your loved one to a day filled with worry.
    *note: we tried to tell them there was nothing to worry about. Of Course, CTI sent three repairmen out to the Island within a few hours, pulled up the decking, delicately pulled out a bunch of large rocks and returned the ring. Because they are just awesome like that.*

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    Default Rings and jewlery

    I take my e ring and some nice ear rings and things with me everytime I go and during the day I leave them in a jewlery travel case in the safe and they are fine. I have had no problem. And one time we even forgot to place it back in the safe and it was fine. The cleaning crew moved it to whip under it but did not open the case. You can pick up a travel jewlery case at walmart very cheaply. It keeps chains from getting tangled and fits nicely in my carry on.

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    We never take jewelry on vacation. I have never had anything taken from a safe, but we have had a beech bag taken. We take nothing we can't live without.

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    Why would you take your rings off? Unless they are made of sugar, a little water and sunscreen are not going to
    hurt them. Just rinse them off when you get back to your room. Much safer to have them on you, then to leave in
    the room. I have been wearing my rings for many years and the only time it comes off is for playing sports or
    cleaning it.

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    We put ours in the safe at CSA. They will be fine there.

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    My wife takes hers along and never had any trouble. The safe in the room is fine. Do what you feel comfortable with.


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    First of all I'm a guy. It's your wedding ring buy insurance, get over it. Wear it, live your life. It's safer in the safe in Jamaica than on your finger in every day life. Sorry, not what you wanted to hear. Oh ya I'm not only a guy but a father of another bride. Go have fun. "Grow old, live young"

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    I suspect the safe thing to do would be to save your valuables in the safe for safe keeping!

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    Hi STB Mrs. Cook! This is the "now" Mrs. Young. We got engaged last year at CSA and I left my ring in the safe all day (killed me to do it!) but it was just fine. You program the safes with your own code and we didn't have a problem once.

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    Default Beach safety

    Quote Originally Posted by worldtex View Post
    We never take jewelry on vacation. I have never had anything taken from a safe, but we have had a beech bag taken. We take nothing we can't live without.
    This is what we use on the is GREAT. It holds our 2 Kindles & my Camera and more...It attaches right to our chairs and would take an hour or more for somebody using some kind of cutting utensil to cut through it.My wife & I walk the beach with no worry about what we left on our chairs.
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    I always wear my rings. Salt, sand, chlorine, suncreen doesn't do any damage at all. You shouldn't worry about wearing them UNLESS they're prone to slipping off. And if you leave them in the safe, you shouldn't worry about that either. We flew to Jamaica for our honeymoon right after our wedding, so we had LOTS of money with us that we left in the safe and had no problems. Just always double-check that the safe is securely closed and locked.

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    PLEEEAAAASSSE TAKE YOUR RINGS! Regardless of what others say, keep in mind that it's your honeymoon and when you get some nice evening pictures taken, usually before dinner, you will be bummed out if you don't have them. The safe is plenty secure and you have nothing to worry about. I was more worried about loss or theft in Mexico and the DR than in Jamaica. As for the sand and water, my wife wears her wedding ring scuba diving, so you should be just fine on the beach. Probably leave the e ring in the safe during the day, but you can totally wear it at night with no issues. We don't ever leave our stuff at home when we go to Jamaica. On our first trip, we even left the resort and walked across the street to the craft market by ourselves one day. She realized that she had her e ring on right after we left and we didn''t even bother going back to the room to leave it. She just turned it around, so the diamond was on the inside of her hand, and we were surrounded by vendors, alone, at the craft market and had no problems.

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    Thanks all! I definitely will be taking them off for pool/beach time, the chlorine breaks down gold and over time can make the prongs brittle and I'm definitely not risking loosing my diamonds. I live in FL so the amount of time I'm at the beach/pool, I think it would happen quicker than most if I didn't baby my rings. Plus, like posted above, the possibility of them slipping off is something I don't want to deal with. I was wanting cute pictures of our rings on the honeymoon (hah yes cheesy I know), but maybe I'll just get cheap replica's to be safe. It is very comforting to hear that no one had any security problems though, so we'll talk about it. Hubby-to-be's ring is Tungsten so I'm not as worried about that as it's not expensive to replace, just sentimental.
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    My normal everyday jewelry consists of my earrings, tennis bracelet, engagement ring and wedding band. My DH and I always talked about getting these pieces insured since I worked in a not so good part of town most days. With me being the biggest procrastinator in the world I just never did it.....until last year right before we left for Honduras.

    I was flabbergasted when the final appraisals came back. I had no idea the value of some of the items had gone up so much since the original appraisals were done. I headed directly to the insurance broker and for a mere $219.00 everything is now covered! Now I can breathe easier and have no fear of having a stone fall out, a clasp breaking or having an earring back coming unscrewed.

    Will I wear all of my good jewelry to the Islands? NO.....but not because I am afraid of getting suntan lotion in it or chlorine on it. I won't wear most of it because I feel it may be insulting or seem to "flaunting" our riches to those who may not be financially stable.

    However my wedding set stays on my finger...PERIOD! It is not coming off accidentally as my fingers swell with the heat & humidity of Jamaica. Wearing a cheap CZ set in MY situation (swollen fingers) in the hopes of fooling a potential thief makes no sense as the thief will not know it is fake thus I may still be a target. Personally I think this risk would be very very slim in most situations that I would ever place myself in.

    The key is to INSURE anything that you would not want to loose. There is no reason to own something that you are afraid to wear.

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    I don't understand why people buy cheap fake rings or take their rings off for their honeymoon - I haven't taken my rings off since I got them and I don't plan on it

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    I have always brought my rings and so has my husband. I leave them in the safe during the day and after 8 trips have never had a problem.

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    Default Please Please leave engagement ring at home.

    PLEASE leave your engagement ring at home you do not want to be that woman balling on her honeymoon because her ring slipped off while drinking, dancing, climbing the falls, at the airport, lost in your room, snorkling, sunbathing, on the beach, playing volleyball, at the falls. ect. Security is not an issue for me it is my state of mind that is when I go to CTI or CSS. I want to be care free with the one I love the most.We DO NOT take our real rings to Ja. The major two reasons are that the saltwater can break down gold and I did not want to be THAT couple who after a day of drinking and fun lose their rings on the beach and are asking everyone to help look for it. We have seen this happen on many trips and I never want to be this couple. On every trip he buys a new fake engagement ring ( I love the big you could use it as a glass eye cubic zirconias lol) and he asks me to marry him all over again on the balcony when we get there. I get him a new fake ring too just for giving sakes. Then I give it away to someone who may like it before we leave.

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    Take your rings!! No Problem Mon. My wife has a huge ring and we are younger never had any problems..

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    We always take our rings to Jamaica...but, they stay in the safe except for supper and the evening entertainment. Donít wear them on the beach, in the pool or on any off-resorts excursions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pauvrelapin View Post
    I don't understand why people buy cheap fake rings or take their rings off for their honeymoon - I haven't taken my rings off since I got them and I don't plan on it

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    We went to CSA last year and I wore my wedding ring the entire trip. Chlorine, sunscreen, and saltwater aren't going to damage them. Just take it to get it cleaned after you get home. I even wore mine in the water, but I was in no danger of it slipping off because it was a little tight to begin with. If you don't want to wear them all day then leaving it in the safe is perfectly fine. You're on your honeymoon, take and wear your rings.

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    We never had anthing taken on our two stays at CN.

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    I never take my rings off. To me, taking them off and on all the time just increases the risk of misplacing or loosing them. Thats why mine stay on my finger for everything!!!

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