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    Default 44 days til CN!! Need your help :)

    We are so ecstatic... we just spent 10 days in Mexico with FH's family, and while it was great spending time with them and it was absolutely gorgeous - it wasn't as relaxing as we were hoping. Needless to say, we are SO excited for our honeymoon at the end of January!

    So, our questions are (and sorry if this has been addressed a million times), what do we HAVE to go see off the resort (CN), and what should we make sure we definitely experience at CN? What bars/restaurants are good off the resort, what excursions/sights should we definitely see, and what should we not waste our money on? We plan on spending most of our time on the resort since we've already paid for it, but FH has never been to Jamaica and we don't want to miss out on some gorgeous sights. I have read about some restaurants on the cliffs? Or cliff jumping and waterfalls? I'm a total newbie when it comes to this so any/all suggestions are appreciated! THANKS!
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    Booze cruise is included must do. Trip to Ricks at sunset and to watch the divers. Snorkel included. Hobie sail included (if you dont know how ask staff to show you. Walk down the beach included. Sea kyak included. Water ski included. Private dinner on beach extra - but it's your honeymoon. Free drinks and awesome food, romantic atmosphere priceless. Enjoy.

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    Read the recent thread on the Sunset Bar Shuttle. We went for the first time in November and it was the most awesome sunset we have ever seen. The ride is included, but drinks will cost you. It's at Pushcart on the cliffs.

    The cat cruise, which mfische already mentioned, stops for a swim through the caves at the bottom of the cliffs, below Pushcart. Also a great sunset and the drinks are included.

    Also, read the threads on the Office of Nature. Short walk up the beach for great grilled lobster. $20/each.

    There are so many off-resort excursions, that it's probably best to go to the Tour Desk and try whatever calls to you. We have done the Chukka Jungle Canopy Zipline Tour and the Black River Safari/YS Falls/Appleton Estate tour. Both highly recommended and in opposite directions from CN.

    We have also eaten at Cosmo's, which is a 3min cab ride down the road, near CSA. Best seafood and curried goat within a mile or so of the resort.

    One thing you didn't mention that you must do is the included Intro to Scuba course. It's the best way to try out scuba diving and it's already part of your inclusions.

    There is so much to do at CN, you should just do whatever sounds fun. Since you are there for 10 days, my best suggestion is to relax and enjoy your first day without trying to plan out your trip (do the 1st resort orientation you can). Wait til the 2nd or 3rd day, then head up to the Tour Desk and look at excursions.

    It's really hard not to be amped up and want to do a ton of stuff before your trip, but the quicker you slow down, the better.

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