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    Default 1st timer-honeymoon-new to scuba

    My Fiancé and I are considering booking one of the 4 resorts and need some insight from the regulars. First off we would like a good view and scuba diving (not bi partiers, just on our honeymoon) which resort would you suggest and why?

    2. We both want to scuba dive. He has his certification should I get mine before I come or is the course they offer good enough? Would I be wasting his time by taking their course? It's about $350 to get my certification aroun here FYI

    Thanks for y'alls input, from Alabama USA!

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    I'm personally not a diver but hubby is certified .... He did all his classwork here in the states but did his dives for certification at the resort (hadn't been to Coules yet but it was an AI resort in Negril) ..... It takes some time & he didn't want to spend vacation (or in your case - honeymoon) time doing the book/pool work. We LOVE Couples Negril & will be going back for trip #6 this year (just spent Christmas there) & have also been to Swept Away & San Souci ....... All are GREAT ........ Not sure which has the best diving but CN & CSA go to the same area I think.

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    The Negril side has the best diving and beaches by far. CN has the best dive instructors. I would get certified before going as I would much prefer to spend my time having fun versus studying! Byt the staff at CN will make it fun as possible! Good luck!

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